Advertising Stratagies (Research Paper / Persuasive Speech)

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I would like to discuss two advertising strategies that I think influence me the most. 1) Testimonial endorsement: I believe this is probably one of the most successful advertising strategies. It is for me anyway. Lets take for example the Pepsi commercials that star Britney Spears. We watch her dance around and show off her figure while she is enjoying a nice cold Pepsi. It just makes what she is doing look so much easier and enjoyable (the dancing I mean). I have a little cousin who does a "dance" every time she drinks a Pepsi and then says she's Britney Spears. It is also amazing to me that something that isn't really that healthy for you is made to seem like it is just ...view middle of the document...

I have seen so many commercials and none have really been recent but the repetition on the commercial sticks with me and triggers my mind when I see the soap. Therefore, the name is familiar and I buy Zest. This can only mean that repetition is extremely effective.Sex appeal and Anorexia/BulimiaI truly believe that sex appeal on television has a lot to do with people, mainly young girls, with anorexia and bulimia. Lets take for example Abercrombie and Fitch commercials. Every person in them is young, thin and pretty/handsome and made up to look so natural. They are using sex appeal to sell their product and hurting young girls in the process. Most of the time, the girls in the ads are very sexy and they bare their bodies (that are extremely thin). Not only are young girls wanting the clothes but they are wanting to be extremely thin like model. This leads to bulimia and anorexia. Many girls think that this will be a fast way of changing all together. They get the new clothes and the new look and with that they expect everything else.As you look around our society, you may notice that there are many images of the ideal woman. These images can come from magazine ads and television commercials. As a result of these images, there are many women who suffer from anorexia and bulimia. These cases of anorexia have grown to intriguing amount of 150,000 women dying each year because of these images. "Society imperiously demands that women contort their bodies to fit the current fashions." (Poulton 1997) Women are constantly manipulated to think that they are the imperfect woman because the advertisement is being placed in our society. For example, if you log on to Victoria's Secret website, you may notice that every woman being featured is slim and has the ideal body shape. Even though these types of clothes are not made for everyone above a size 14, these images can leave an imbedded picture in your mind. In my personal opinion, I believe that advertisers do intentionally portray these images for the simple fact that they know about these cases of anorexia and no one has tried to change. But on the other hand, it is the advertisers job to make things look better than they really are. But regardless, to which reason advertisers have the fact of the matter is that women are dying because of a disorder. These women need to be encouraged into thinking that they are beautiful regardless to what size they are.Take a look at this insert I found at this website:" According to the American Anorexia and Bulimia Association, 150,000American women die of anorexia each year." (Wolf 1991) After reading this statistic, I am sure that all of you were amazed on the amount of anorexic deaths that occur each year. But how about if I told you that the media is to blame for more than half of those deaths. In an article titled "Subtle Ad Images Threaten Girls More" Anorexia is characterized...

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