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Advertising Strategies With Reference To 
4 Wheeler Car Market: Maruti Suzuki

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(Mr. Vijay Boddu) (Mr. Susheel Kumar)

BATCH: FW(09-11), Noida
Roll No.: 2009-11/FW/IIPM-1/DEL-5/DB1274
Area of Research: “Branding and Advertising”

Cars have always been an extension to one’s personality. Any individual when decides to buy a car always thinks which car will best match his/her own personality. These days’ cars manufacturers have aided consumer’s decisions by creating ...view middle of the document...

The perception of the car in terms of its performance and design, quality, sales, after sales, cost of ownership, apart from brand image, all impact upon the purchase decision. To understand the Consumers association of present brands with personality traits- with major focus on Maruti, we tried to analyze the factors that affect the brand personality of Maruti which were, Reliable, Ruggedness, Safety, Sophistication and Value for money. Brand image is not driven by good advertising alone but is significantly impacted upon by the cars performance and design, quality, and the cost of ownership.
This chapter aims to understand the research methodology establishing a framework of evaluation and revaluation of primary and secondary research. The techniques and concepts used during primary research in order to arrive at findings; which are also dealt with and lead to a logical deduction towards the analysis and results.

* To understand consumer’s opinions about brands and advertisements of Maruti Suzuki and the other prevailing brands in the 4-Wheeler segment.
* To identify and understand various parameters that affects the perception of the...

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4-Wheeler Car Market: Maruti Suzuki

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