Advertising To Consumers Essay

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Advertising to Consumers
On July 1, 1941, the first commercial advertisement aired on television and drastically changed the way consumers view advertising. In present times, consumers are confronted with advertisements not just on television, but also in magazines, on the internet, and, of course, the most common form, word of mouth. Companies spend millions of dollars each year on advertisements targeted to increase their brand awareness through marketing campaigns. Through advertisements, consumers are educated about the price of products or services and possible differences in quality, allowing them to find a solution that best fits their needs. Advertising is not just a way to ...view middle of the document...

In recent years, the internet had gained increasing popularity as another, often cheaper, form of advertisement.
The internet is one of the fastest growing ways of advertising to consumers. Most people around the world have internet on their home computers and can also access it easily through their smart phones. Many people use the internet for entertainment, shopping, news, and email. The internet can be an effective method of advertising, but it, like the television, has certain problems associated with it. Many consumers purchase software, such as ad blockers, that prevents a company’s message from ever appearing on their computer. There are several different types of ads that companies use to reach their customer base. One of the most commonly used types of internet advertisements is a banner ad. A banner ad is the small rectangular ad at the top of a website that usually includes text, bright colors, and sometimes video to attract consumer attention. Pop-ups, ads which redirect the consumer’s internet browser to a separate website are also commonly employed by companies. This type of advertisement is very frustrating to consumers who often purchase software to prevent them from reoccurring. Due to its ability to reach a broad market and display easily-tracked results, the internet is an effective means of advertisement, but it, unlike many other types, can be easily ignored by consumers.
Newspapers were once an extremely effective medium for advertisement but with the advent of the internet, their sales—and, therefore, their usefulness to companies—have dropped noticeably. Many people are no longer purchasing newspapers, because they can get the same information for free online but despite the decrease in sales, newspapers still offer advantages for companies seeking to advertise their products. In contrast to some other forms of advertisement, newspapers are flexible, timely, and targeted to a local market. Businesses ranging from privately-owned stores, non-chain car dealerships, and even individuals who are planning yard sales benefit from the local aspect of newspapers.
New advances in technology have opened the door for many new forms of advertisement, but word of mouth remains one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach consumers....

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