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Advertising To People's "Needs" Essay

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Abraham Maslow proposed his theory called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation. He believed that there were certain levels of human needs. He believed that most powerful is our physiological needs, which are our biological needs, the need for anything that allows us to live. For example, the need for oxygen, food, water, sleep, excretion, and so on. The second level of need is our safety needs; such as, the security of our health, body, or family. Next are needs for love, affection and belongingness. Humans need to feel love, we need to have social connections that comfort us and are there for us. Needs for esteem is the next level; it’s the human’s need for things like self-esteem, confidence, and respect. Last level is needs for self-actualization, for someone to be who he or she wants to be. So many ads on television are shown to use people’s needs to motivate them into buying whatever they are trying to sell.
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Because food is part of our physiological needs then a commercial for food will be enough to motivate some people.
THINK has a commercial that encourages people to wear seat belts. It shows what would happen in a simple car crash if someone weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Because of human’s safety needs the commercial motivates them to wear seatbelts for their own safety. The commercial may not be selling anything in particular but it is a motivating commercial, which becomes effective due to Human’s needs for safety.
E-harmony and their commercials are perfect examples of ads that motivate their viewers to find their love that they need. Most of their commercials show happy couples who find their lover, and best friend, on E-Harmony. Because of human’s needs for comfort and love, these E-harmony commercials motivate them to use E-harmony and search for their new companion.
Dove has a commercial that is different from the E-harmony ones and the KFC ones; this commercial is taking a different approach. This Dove commercial is made to motivate girls to not be so insecure. Instead of trying to sell something to make young girls feel better about how they look, it tries to show them that they are beautiful even if they can’t see it. This is on the esteem level, it’s made to boost girl’s self esteem. The commercial is about a boy who is waiting for the girl he likes but gets blown off because she was taking so long to get ready. She was taking so long and didn’t want to go out because she kept on finding flaws in herself; however, he couldn’t find one flaw in her. This commercial motivates young girls who are insecure about their looks to not be so hard on themselves. It gives the girls confidence that they are beautiful and they shouldn’t constantly point out their flaws.
Last but not least Nike has numerous commercials that help motivate people by using their needs for self-actualization. One of Nike’s commercial motivates people to do what they want to do with their one line “just do it.” They show people playing basketball, playing soccer, reading and so on. Their whole entire commercial is made to motivate people to be active and do what they want to do. We have our needs to do what we are born to do, and Nike helps us satisfy our needs by motivating us to actually do what we want to do.

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