Advice To A Friend On Choosing A Mistress

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Rhetorical Analysis of Advice to a Friend on Choosing Mistress
Advice to a Friend on Choosing Mistress is a letter written by Benjamin Franklin in June 25th 1745 to his friend. The speech of this letter is essentially communicated to single men. The author gave advices particularly to his friend on which type of woman he should date if he is not ready to get married. Franklin preceded his lustful consulting by an apology for the marriage, recalling his friend how much carnal pleasures are favourable in a legal and recognized union. In his message, Franklin advises his friend that marriage is the best solution not for only sexual desires but also the undisputable source of ...view middle of the document...

First all he is convinced that the married life is more balancing that the single lifetime. Franklin believes that a man who did not find the soul mate is in other words incomplete, unaccomplished by saying that ‘’A single man has not nearly the value he would have in that sate of union, He is an incomplete animal. He resembles the odd half of a pair of scissors’’. Based on this judgement, Franklin means that family life calms people; it is the natural arrangement in which they can organize their production’ strength with the most possible benefit. While Franklin affirms that ‘’ together there are more likely to succeed in the world’’ there is no doubt that he is referring to the material success. Concerning the woman, it is only in a marriage that she can show up her real values. Through the letter, Franklin continues to give worthy reasons in order to convince the recipient about getting married.
Franklin having doubts that his friend would not consider his advice followed his representation of the marriage by an alternative solution to satisfy his needs. If his friend his not ready to commit and wants to continue ‘’a commerce with Sex inevitable’’, he suggested that ‘ you should prefer old woman to young ones’’. The first raison that Franklin used to support his case is that ‘’ they have more knowledge of the world, and their minds are better stored with observations, their conversation is more improving and more lastingly agreeable’’. By affirming this, Franklin makes an allusion to the intelligence of older woman. He illustrates that people gain knowledge as they get older. They have, in principle knew more love stories or adventures than youngest ones, thus they better know men, know how to take care of them and also how to satisfy them. Franklin defends the idea that a debate with an old woman is rich and interesting, because they had been through many involvements from witch they had retains acquaintance. They have lived longer and have things to communicate to you.
Franklin also supports his preference for older woman by saying that ‘’ To maintain their influence over men, they supply the diminution of beauty by an augmentation of utility’’. This is to illustrate that older woman, with the time spend less time worrying about their appearance, which they use to do more important stuff. To him, when beauty disappears, women improve their service. At their age, they assume their femininity and do so without any complex. Franklin, who was a man of science and also know as ‘’ Lady Man’ also gave bodily motivation for choosing an older woman. He implies that ‘’ because in every animal that walks upright the deficiency of the fluids that fill the muscles appears first in the highest part. The face...

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