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Advices For Best Education Essay

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Different Views and Advices from the World’s Educators

October 23, 2014 was a busy day for students at Peking University HSBC Business School, trying to get as much as possible from the experienced and well-known educators from universities all over the world as they participated in the
Global Dean’s Forum.

We managed to interview educators from the USA, Brunei and Norway.

Alison Davis-Blake, born in Palo Alto, California, USA is  Dean of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Davis-Blake is the school’s first female dean, and at the time of her appointment she was the highest-ranking female dean at any U.S. ...view middle of the document...

Davis-Blake stated that all countries historically evolve as the province of men, and now we see women entering the universities and the work force in larger and larger numbers, although not so much at the top levels yet. But she thinks that considering what we have experienced so far, women are as capable of making valuable contributions in the workplace as men, and as the time evolves, she believes we’ll see more women reaching leadership levels in the future.

Her success story is very much like many other women’s stories, who reached high levels after starting from the bottom. She benefited from very strong educational institutions and the mentors who helped her along the way and also from persistent and hard work.

As for the biggest problem she encountered on her career path, she said that sometimes people don’t believe that women can be good leaders, and you have to prove yourself more than men do. She said that when she was a young professor one of her colleagues commented to her with a bit of curiosity that her students respected her very much. Davis-Blake answered, “On the last day of our class both of our students may respect us the same, but on the first day of class respect is yours to lose, you have it. But the respect is mine to earn, I don’t have it.” So, unfortunately, women have to work harder with more persistence and willingness to overcome any obstacle along the way to get to the highest levels.

Joyce Teo is the Vice-President of Global Affairs at University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD). She is also currently Dean of UBD School of Business and Economics, as well as Director of the institute of Policy Studies. She received her PhD (Economics) from the University of Queensland where she majored in Labor Economics and Econometrics.

She was full of great expectations for the Global Deans Forum. It was her third visit to Shenzhen, but the first to the HSBC Business School. She said she was impressed.

Her university partners with the HSBC Business School.
Teo predicts that by 2020 more people will be speaking Mandarin and trying to learn from Asia’s biggest economy – China. She forecasts more interaction between Chinese and Brunei professionals in the business world.

She said that even though China is engaging in a strong manufacturing industry, she thinks the Chinese are trying to make sure that they set an example in sustainably and environmental change, which she thinks is admirable. She said that Chinese are trying to strike a balance to ensure that the nation’s industries are not causing increased pollution, which is inevitable for the highly industrialized countries. Seeing the effort the nation is making to cut down pollution in Beijing and Shanghai, for instance, makes her “honestly impressed.”

Teo was reluctant to say she was a...

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