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Affecting Change Essay

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Affecting Change

Run the Leadership in Action simulation found on your Resources page. Describe the established methods of control and the current cultures of the department and the organization. Then, make a specific recommendation for restructuring the department that would improve the culture while empowering employees. Within the recommendation, describe which management practices would be most effective and why. Additionally explain how the size and new structure could affect the organization as well as individuals, groups, and teams, and the future of the company. Write the recommendation using APA format and limited it to 1,750 words.

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The six member web development team reports to the Project Manager--PM and the three member logistics team reports to the Logistics Manager--LM. A Marketing Manager--MM serves as coordinator of product lines, marketing budgets and promotional activities. Both LM and PM report to the MM. The MM in turn reports to the COO.
The first challenge for the COO is to overcome the challenge of the organizational restructure and establishing a good working relationship with its division leaders. According the scenario, as a method of control, Mr. Argyle has enormous influence over his team and good rapport with colleagues. As a result, Argyle’s team developed a sense of commitment and loyalty due to his leadership. The commitment is “a person who internally agrees with a decision from the agent [Argyle] and makes a great effort to carry out the request or implement the decision effectively.” (Yukl, 2006) Furthermore, Argyle’s leadership consummated internalization to his team. A strong commitment to support and implement proposals influences the team due to its desirable and correct relation to their values and beliefs (Yukl, 2006).
Organizational culture is described by Robbins and Judge as a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other organizations- a key characteristics that the organization values. (Robbins and Judge, 2007) Additionally, Robbins and Judge annotated the essence of an organization’s culture into the following seven primary characteristics: (a) Innovation and risk taking- level of employees’ titration to risks and innovative capability, (b) Attention to detail- level of exhibiting precision, analysis, and attention to detail; (c) Outcome orientation- level of focusing on results vice techniques and processes by management, (d) People orientation- level of consideration by management on the impact of a decision to its people, (e) Team orientation- level of work activities centered on team vice individuals, (f) Aggressiveness- level of employee proactive and competitive spirit, (g) Stability- level of maintaining the tradition vice growth (Robbins and Judge, 2007). The current structure of S&F resembles a Functional Structure. This type structure organizes employees around specific knowledge or resources. This can be seen by how S&F is currently divided into the following workforce product divisions: Web development team, a logistic team, and a marketing team. The project manager of S&F is currently responsible handling the web operations team, who currently has six members. This team is responsible for maintaining online sales, comprising the website and handling the online payments. The program manager is also in charge to work closely with the logistic manager who has three members in the logistic team. The logistic team is in charge of all the orders, customer support, and delivery operations and must report all the order fulfillments status to the marketing manager. The...

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