Affecting Change Essay

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Affecting Change
Alvin Terez Jones
University of Phoenix
November 2, 2009

“When one has all five virtues together, intelligence, trustworthiness, humaneness, courage, and sternness, each appropriate to its function, then one can be a leader (University of Phoenix, 2009). Leadership can be defined as the ability to influence a common group of people toward the achievement of a vision or goals that have been set (Robbins & Judge, 2007 p 402). Leading people also takes a great deal of charisma because a leader must be able to change the opinions, mind sets and break new ground with his followers . Leadership change in an organization or business can ...view middle of the document...

As the new chief operating officer, one must quickly understand and decode the organization’s culture. Up until now, Smith and Falmouth’s online division revolved around, James, the projects manager. His six member team was responsible for maintaining the online sales channel. Also, James works closely with Brian, the logistics manager and his three member team. This three member team manages customer support, order handling, and delivery operations. This team also reports order fulfillment to the marketing manager which in turn coordinates product lines, marketing budgets, and promo activities (University of Phoenix, 2009).
It is very clear that CEO Irene Seagraves wants to streamline the online operations, increase the reach of the online sales channel, and make Smith and Falmouth’s online division profitable. Restructuring the department is needed to improve the culture while at the same time empowering employees. Chapter 16 defines organizational culture as “a system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other organizations (Robbins & Judge, 2007, p 573).” In order to properly describe the current culture and control of the online division at Smith and Falmouth, there are seven primary characteristics that must be examined closely that will help breakdown the roles of the current leaders and followers.
1. Innovation and risk taking The degree to which employees are encouraged to
be innovative and take risks.
One can tell that the online sales department of Smith and Falmouth does encourage risk taking. This is true because CEO Irene Seagraves hired a new COO to streamline the operations and make Smith and Falmouth profitable. Even though many of the managers and development teams were less than thrilled, this was an innovative move by this department.
2. Attention to detail The degree to which employees are expected to exhibit
precision, analysis, and attention to detail.
We can see the attention to detail through the Logistics manager, Brian Fervor. Brian precision is a key factor that carriers over into the teams and the work that they perform. In three short months this department already looks promising.
3. Outcome orientation The degree to which management focuses on results or
outcomes rather than on the techniques and processes used to achieve
those outcomes.
Smith and Falmouth is most certainly outcome oriented. CEO, Irene Seagraves really does not care about techniques. She is a result driven leader. This can be seen by the tight deadlines set upon the rest of the department.
4. People orientation The degree to which management decisions take into consideration
the effect of outcomes on people within the organization.
Smith and Falmouth is also most certainly a people oriented organization. This can be seen clearly through its current management. For example, James William Argyle (projects manager), Adam Searle (marketing manager), Brian Kervor (logistics...

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