Affordable Healthcare Essay

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Affordable Healthcare
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Affordable Health Care
Affordable health care is a major concern for most Americans today. With the high cost health care services across the nation, Americans can’t afford to go to health care facilities. So what are our fellow citizens going to do when they become ill and can’t afford to go into a facility for treatment? Most likely they will suffer with their illness unless our government provides us with some type of affordable health coverage. In 2009, the Obama administration began working on options to control the cost of health care. They broke the issues down into four areas of concern: cost ...view middle of the document...

After all of the constant debating back and forth, we now have the new Obama care in effect. Unfortunately, however I have still not seen any signs of affordable healthcare. So really what’s the use of the so-called ACA (Affordable Care Act) that Congress kept striking down? It is actually a law that is put in force to maximize the number of Americans that are covered by health insurance by making health care more affordable. This will allow individuals that are not receiving any type of employer based insurance or those that do not qualify for the government programs, the opportunity to obtain health care insurance from a private company (Nickitas, 2012). The Affordable Care Act is supposed help reduce the deficit. In general the ACA will reduce health care costs, allow Americans more choices in the quality of care they receive from health care facilities by holding insurance companies responsible (Hoar, 2013). Supposedly with this new health care reform into place it will lower our deficit by $210 billion (Hoar, 2013). When exactly are the changes going to take place? There are still so many Americans out there today that still cannot afford medical insurance. Most of them remain ill for long periods at a time because they cannot afford the proper medical care in a healthcare facility. A lot of them are trying to qualify to receive Medicaid benefits but are constantly getting denied. There should be some type of incentive programs available for the lower income families and individuals that are really in need of medical care but just can’t afford it. When are the high premiums going to actually decrease to become affordable? With all of these so-called reforms into place, the extremely high cost of insurance premiums has not...

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