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Historically throughout the years Canada has been known as leaders in peace
keeping roles in throughout the world. Canada has earned such a positive reputation and a high
level of respect because of its diversity and the ability for different cultures to co-exist in
harmony. Former Prime Minister once said, "I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free
to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe
wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge
to uphold for myself and all mankind". (Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960). Canada is very
adamant on peace and its in Afghanistan's ...view middle of the document...

Canadian troops understand and accept the injury, death and
hazardous jobs just so they can help brighten the future of many. If Canadian troops were to
be removed from Afghanistan, the Taliban and Al Qaeda's strength may grow and make
themselves unstoppable. There are over 2500 Canadian soldiers alongside about 8000 US
soldiers in the Kandahar area. Canada's main mission is to bring Afghanistan into a more
secure environment for its citizens to live in. As it stands, 50% of Canadians support the current
mission in Afghanistan while 50% of Canadians do not. This ultimately can not be done without
the support from all Canadian citizens.

The government of Afghanistan requested Canadian forces to be in Afghanistan
and be a part of a NATO-led mission. The main mission Canada is doing for Afghanistan is
to help provide and improve the security of its country. There are many stable regions where
the effects have been positive however in the South and East of the country the security
is at a fragile stage. The environment in which our troops are is very dangerous and extremely
difficult. Many of the Taliban and Al Qaeda fundamentalists use violent and terror methods
throughout the area to disrupt any sense of achieving normalcy or progress. The number of
attacks in the South is well down from the peak last year however the additional forces are
needed to help continue the success. The US, the UK, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark,
Estonia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Romania have all agreed to increase the number
of their troops in Afghanistan. Canada is helping the government of Afghanistan build its
security institutions and has provided a training team for Afghan security and police forces.
With the creation of the operation NATO and the Afghan military worked close to
Provincial and local authorities to limit civilian casualties and to make sure all civilians are
provided for. Canada has also distributed 470 sets of body armour, 1500 work uniforms, winter
coats and boots, flashlights, belts and gloves to police officers which allows them to easily
identified by the public. Canada is also investing up to 99 million dollars to help support the Afghan National Army
(ANA) and to increase the Afghan National Police (ANP) ability to promote law and order, to
help maintain a safer place to live. Canada's financial contribution of $ 20 million dollars to the
Law and Order Fund is helping pay the salaries of Afghan police officers which helping the
creation of a more professional police force.

The restructure of Afghanistan helped make a more democratic government. In
2004 over 10 million Afghans registered to vote and a president was chosen. A parliament
and provincial council election was held and approx 6.8 million voters turned out. For the first
time in Afghanistan a peaceful and successful election was held. Afghanistan's parliament is
now proving...

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