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Afghanistan And Women Essay

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The lives of women in Afghanistan compared to lives of Women in the UK.
Issues with women and their rights have been a massive problem for many years. There are still many parts of the world where women are seen as inferior to men and suffer from violence and abuse, physically and mentally. I will be looking at differences of the lives of women in the UK and women in Afghanistan. Women in Afghanistan experience a lot of inequality due to their gender and although the rights of women in the UK are as equally important as the rights of men, some women still also experience inequality. It is reported that the women of Afghanistan rights and quality of life were ranked second to the lowest ...view middle of the document...

This contrasts with the number of girls schools in the UK with thousands of them across the nation. Other reasons for Afghan girls not attending school are groups such as the Taliban. Although the Taliban do not rule anymore, when they did they caused mass problems for girls going to school and many people still hold the views of the Taliban now days which makes it hard for girls to get an education in Afghanistan.
Child marriage is another significant problem for young girls and women in Afghanistan and computes to the difficulties some of them face everyday. More than 50% of girls are engaged or married by the age of 12 and 60% are married by the age of 16. It is thought that nearly 80% of these marriages are forced. This has extensive affects on their lives and will usually determine how these girls and women live out the rest of their lives. Many of the men they marry are much older than them, some being as old as 60. Many young girls and women are subjected to abuse from their husbands and in-laws, especially girls that are bartered into marriages as payments of debt. Laws in the UK protect young girls and women from child and arranged marriages. The legal for a person to get married is 16 with parental consent and 18 without needing parents permission. However there are still as many as 8,000 arranged marriages in the UK every year....

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