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Afghanistan Lacking Women Leadership Essay

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Afghanistan lacking women leadership

Women leadership in Afghanistan either has been manipulative or hegemonic seeking power or wealth for political parties. Patriotism and favorism for women has been a critical missing factor in all political and social women leaders’ agenda.
High rate of illiteracy, economic dependency, religious and cultural forces, patriarchy and sexism (The believe that women are made just for sex) have always been main factors that challenged women to pull up out of longing period of dependency and periphery.
Tradition and religion are also the challenging factors against women participation in political, economic and social activities. Neglecting the ...view middle of the document...

Any action or initiative to break this relation can cost the women life.
The situations can be handled by implement reforms by government, critically a government that has control over the geographical and political territory, security and internal corruption.
Western countries under the leadership of USA do not has the interest in changing situations by providing different alternatives or either situation is manipulative for them. Afghan political leaders and parties are missing the collective agenda toward a stable Afghanistan.
There have been no visionary changes in leaders of the Afghanistan. Still neighboring countries have influences over the political leaders most of the country. One of the main abusive constraints is cultural factors. Language has played a critical and divergence role in Afghanistan. 60 to 75 percent of this country population could be easily manipulated by some inter-language words of Persian, Pashto words; other domestic factors are ethnically and historical discourses that can destabilize the whole situation of the country.
The situations can be handled by conclusive and crucial decisions by Afghans. It requires progressive sequences of changes and strives, the incumbent and imminent steps that foreign donors and global society somehow must provide.
* Education:
Without formal education and increasing the literacy rate, the current religious and manipulative situation of the country cannot be handled. Afghan government should allocate a large amount of funds for the education of the Afghan children. Only male children participation do not solve the situation priority should be given to female children. Today unfortunately large population of the country are facing the poverty and economical problems, alternatives should be provided to the families by Afghan Government in order to help them to allow their children to go to school. A 60 % literate situation could easily change the situations.
* Public awareness:
The messages have always been miss transformed or miss interpreted by media. Afghanistan government with involving the authentic and promising media experts should focus on providing public awareness as a long term process not a project. The cultural divergence needs to be completely removed from the institutions and constitutions.
* Corruption:
Afghan government is not undertaking the control of corruption, and that is why we can’t have a stable country. Investments should not be wasted by government and NGOs; instead a more focus should be given on infrastructures
* Security:
Security is a critical factor of national and foreign investment in Afghanistan. Men forces and money are flowing out of country due to...

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