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Africa – Basket Case Or World Indifference

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Africa is a beautiful continent full of rich nature and diverse culture. However, it has its problems: poverty, HIV/AIDS and famine, many of which, especially famine, lead to diseases such as kwashiorkor, which occurs in the poorer countries of the continent such as Niger, Sudan and Angola to name just a few. The question that will be floating around some people’s heads is: Can we place all the blame on the sudden departure of the colonial masters – Britain, Portugal, Belgium and France – in the mid-20th century when many countries tried to gain independence from these European powers, thus leaving the majority of the African continent in tatters?
The colonialists’ sudden departure could be attributed to the fact that they ...view middle of the document...

Many have tried to revolt against this autocracy, but only some countries had the tenacity and will-power to pull through. According to the GDP per capita, African countries constitute the top ten lowest on the list, with Zimbabwe being the lowest.
The problem though, is that not all the blame can be put on the colonialists, as in most African countries a corrupt government is at fault. Even in South Africa, which is seen as the example by most other African countries, the government has its problems. Unfortunately not enough money is available to create solutions, but this is not because of lack of funding from taxes. It is due to the fact that most government officials put themselves and their salaries first. We have in the past been given loans from the World Bank and the IMF as support funding, but that money has managed to disappear without causing a great impact on the problems we face in Africa. Therefore we can assume that the world does have concerns for Africa, but that most governments do not care about the state of their countries as long as they have expensive cars and houses. This state of mind has unfortunately led many people to leave the continent all together, which has not helped the recuperation process as they take with them their money and skills.
As a whole, I believe that many other countries of the world do care about Africa and are trying to help, but unfortunately their help is in vain without the internal problems the African continent faces being eradicated, as most government officials’ vanity and self-importance will prevail.

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