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Africa Summary Essay

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It is time for a summer vacation and Kim, 13-year-old girl, visits her homeland with her mother to Africa. It is her first time visiting her family and while she enjoys the time getting to know them, her mom, a journalist, is at work reporting on the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings of post-apartheid in South Africa. Although Kim is getting to her know family, there is one member she cannot find much information about; her father. She has no idea where her father is. Every time she tries to ask information about him, it is like everyone is hiding something about him from her. Before her quest for searching for her father began, she meets a boy named Themba at a school she ...view middle of the document...

This is where the theme is derived from (her actions), which shows, you are able to attain anything if you never give up. The author of the story communicates this excellently by creating various obstacles that impede her search for her father and allowed her to find ways to get past them. When she had finally found her father, the reader is able to look back at all the things she had done to accomplish this. The book states, “It was a risk, sure, but there was a soft feeling between her and her mom, a feeling that usually wasn’t there. She decided to take a chance.”(Colleen Craig, pg. 94). This was stated right before Kim built up the courage to ask her father’s name to Riana when she felt upset. The author had worded it this way to show that it was slightly difficult for her ask this and she had hesitated. However, it also shows that Kim was willing to take the risk as the benefit of knowing her father’s name was worth it; this relates back to the theme. Secondly, the book also states,
“Without thinking, she yanked on her jacket, tugged her knapsack on her back, and straddled the tree. In a few seconds she had jumped to the ground, scraping one of her hands in the process. She slipped into the pack of Piet’s 4 X 4 and hid under the tarp that was spread out at the back.”(Colleen Craig, pg. 165). This is what Kim does in order to escape her house to go question her mother about her father. This shows she will do whatever it takes to get her questions answered, proving the theme of the story. The author had made Kim’s actions show us how determined she was.

The theme is relatable to me in various scenarios. For one thing I have made a few goals in my life, and I am able to conclude that the accomplishment of that goal relies strictly on hard work I am willing to put forth. A prime example is of me wanting to attain honor roll status for the term; by sticking to a rigorous routine of completing all my homework on time and studying for every test, I was successful in attaining an 81.5% average. I also have long term goal I wish to attain and that is to become a professional break-dancer. I am putting much effort and being tenacious in keeping up with the latest choreography and learning the moves to the best of my ability. I am optimistic that with my determination and persistently I can fulfill my goal.

I felt that the protagonist of story, Kim, was the character that stood out the most. She was the person the story revolved around the most. She is the character the reader gets to know thoroughly and understand the struggle she was going through. The author has done an exceptional job developing this character throughout the story by illustrating Kim’s thoughts and ideas well enough for the read to be able to identify what type of person she really was. He did this by utilizing both narrative and dialogue techniques effectively. In the narrative selection, we are able to understand Kim’s thought process and the...

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