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African American Essay

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African Americans 1

African Americans Migration Experience
Jimmy Harton
Axia College of University Phoenix

African Americans 2

African Americans migrated to the United States between 1500s-1800s but not of their own free will. They were brought here through the means of slavery. The South is the origin where slavery begins. Slavery stripped African Americans of all their rights and privileges. Slaves could not marry each other, legally buy or sell anything, and they were not allowed to own property these are just some of the harsh treatment slaves ...view middle of the document...

This incident created a famous land mark decision within the supreme courts Brown v. Board of Education. Linda Brown was denied access to a public near her home because of segregated schools. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) became involved and along with Linda Brown parents and argued the case before the Supreme Court which, ended segregated schools.

African Americans 3

African Americans were discriminated against in the job market. According to Miah (2009) a lawsuit was filed against United Airlines (UAL) in 1970. UAL Company and the union were accused of denying qualified blacks from gaining advancement positions within the company. The court ruled in favor of the workers, and order UAL to change the way they promote their employees. This decision led to the first black and female pilot. African Americans are experiencing higher unemployed rate compared to whites. An article written by The New York Times (2009) stated that “by the end of March, there were about 80,000 more unemployed blacks than whites.” The higher unemployment rate of African Americans has become national news. In fact, it is has been discussed at the White House news conference recently. President Obama was address with the issue and asked what he could do to “stop the bloodletting in the black unemployment rate.” Obama was quoting in the article as saying “that to help any community, whether it be blacks, Latinos or Asians, he needed to get the economy as a whole moving.” The election of President Barack Obama was a significance of some societal change, and some believe he is the last hope for a change.

African Americans were discriminated against in the housing community. People should live wherever they choose to. Their skin color or other factors should not influence property owner’s decisions, when renting or selling property. Civil Rights Leaders protested against the unfair treatment blacks...

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