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African American Letter Essay

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Dear Friend,

I am writing you in an attempt to educate you on the history of my racial group, African Americans. African Americans did not arrive in America through the traditional ways of immigration, but instead were forced to leave their homeland by African slave traders. African Slave traders sold African Americans to American Southerners to work as slaves on their plantations. During this time, African Americans were held captive, prohibited from learning to read or write, and beaten if they did not obey the rules of their owners. After hundreds of years of being owned by white Americans, the African Americans were finally given their freedom. Unfortunately, after being released from human slavery and bondage, African Americans had to endure many years of poor treatment and discrimination by members of the American public. They were not able ...view middle of the document...

African Americans were bought and sold like cattle and never looked at as humans, but rather property. The laws were designed to benefit the White American and the slave owner and did not recognize the slave as a citizen. Although slavery was made illegal in the Northern regions in 1787, it was not until 1808 before slavery was outlawed and freedom was granted to African Americans throughout the United States. Even though African American freedom was finally established, the African American still faced maltreatment and injustice in society. Because of the twisted roots and views the White American had toward African Americans, they still continued to suffer the act of denial of equal opportunities in society, and found very little professional and social success. Over time, African Americans have struggled for acceptance in society. Statistically we are still considered minorities in the United States, even though we are making major contributions to the country.

There are several African Americans who will be remembered for their contributions to American society. Doctors, Lawyers, Writers, and Athletes are just a few of the professions that are occupied by our race. Blacks were not allowed to participate in many of these professions previously, but not only are we not participating but are excelling in them. The most prestigious position held by an African American today, is President of the United States. President Barack Obama is now the Commander In Chief of a country that at one time he wouldn’t have been allowed to vote in. Personally, I am extremely proud of this accomplishment. Friend, I am glad that you have allowed me to share with you some things about my race. I hope that this information has not only taught you, but had also inspired you to want to learn more about African Americans.

Best Regards,

Curtis Little

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