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Age And Personality Traits Essay

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Age and Personality traits
Diversity in age in the workplace brings about a change with different attitudes toward the workplace. Grandparents are working alongside people fresh out of college and sometimes even answering to someone just out of college.
With diversity in age comes a different attitude toward the workspace design. Some want the corner office with Designer finishing and others want a table at Starbucks down the street and firms now acknowledge that they need to accommodate the workspace desires of all employees fro m 18 to 80. Designing for multiple generations is intended to increase employee retention, reduce turnover and increase morale. Its all about being more ...view middle of the document...

Generation X, with 30 million generation x in the workforce, this demographic pales in size to in comparison to the baby boomers, generation x core values include diversity and self reliance, they’re technologically literate and pragmatic, think globally and are unimpressed by authority. They want to be able to do things their way and just get it done, even if it means going down to Starbucks and finishing the project there. They do not want to hear the corporate story and they do not want to feel stuffed into a cubical.
Millenials, the newest workforce, there are almost 73 millions people born after 1982. Often referred to as the Y generation these young men and women are optimistic and civic minded and enjoy working with older people because they value structure. Their inexperience leads them to want attention to go the people and for direction they want the company to treat them as if they are a customer by asking “How are we doing? What can we do to make things better for you?” They like open spaces and they want the freedom to leave the office or at least the feeling that the office is a place where they are free to move around.

Although the four generations are diverse and different they all share core values and needs, they tie them all together and one older, more experience in management and another younger product development group with more technology experience. A diverse group with different age groups learning to work together toward a common goal.


In the past all women in the workplace were automatically assigned to temporary or part-time or low responsibility jobs because it was understood that first priority was taking care of their families. Unmarried women were likely to quit as soon as they married and married women as soon as they became pregnant. It was understood that women with children were understood to care more about the children than about work. And then there was the belief that women were not as capable as men, wither physically of mentally or emotionally. Still those beliefs are still practice today. Women incomes are not as high as men. But they do the same job. Today society would like for us to think that women are not seen as inferior to men. Organizations have been slowly adjusting to these changes, learning to treat women as the equals of men, and not as a...

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