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Relationship is a commitment between two persons having a mutual connection treating each other more than friends. They share their common interests and experiences. In a relationship, age affects physical and emotional values. Most people, desire to be loved and taken care of by someone else. Relationship is a way to have a personal support of someone and having an attachment that changes a person in becoming a better one.
                Age matters in a relationship especially now in modern days because most couples easily falls in love and breaks up. Numerous married couples now ended up having a divorce because of financial problems, fights and cheating husbands and wives so spending a long time growing old together seem impossible. Most relationships today only started in physical attraction or infatuation like magnets but we all know that we are people. Choose someone that is right for the age probably a suitable ...view middle of the document...

 (Does age matter in a relationship, 2010)
              Cultures and traditions are also applied in matters of age and relationship. One example was said earlier and in other parts of the world, an age gap doesn’t apply on some couples because their families and friends disapprove of their relationship and started having a hard time dealing with the couples. Negativism is the term coined for this. It is very common feedback from relatives and close friend to be very concerned in their age gap relationship. There is also a psychological barrier that if the partner has the same age as his/ her partner’s parents, the parents of that partner would have a difficult time accepting it.

             Age difference also deepens with time after many years with the partner. At first, they have a lot of common interests but after many years like 10 years, one of them is getting old (can be observed in his/her attitude) and the other is still young in body and spirit. It would be hard to cope up and follow one another because they have simply grown apart. This may lead to break ups.

              On the contrary, age matter in a relationship because when asking people they want someone to match their level of maturity, having a strong commitment to each other, and having someone serious to talk in a personal way. Long distance relationships can be a challenge for age gap couples. Young women prefer to date old men and vice versa because of making decisions. The couples will always need to make agreements to avoid fighting and yelling. High proportion of good adjustment between couples is because of age differences. (Christian Dating Guide, 2005)

           Concluding everything, age does really matter in a relationship in some degree by determining whether the two individuals can handle their relationship with a sense of responsibility and commitment based on their level of maturity in sharing their personal outlooks and goals from their life experiences. (Relationships and Age Difference, 2006)

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