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Age Of Exploration Essay

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Historical Essay (Age of Exploration)
By: Paige Yamate

Many people know of Christopher Columbus, a famous Spanish explorer who said to have discovered North America, but what many people fail to realize is that he was not the first to uncover the “new world,” another name for the Western Hemisphere, in fact, there were hundreds of explorers doing just that. This era of unprecedented European Exploration is known as, The Age of Exploration. The Age of Exploration started in the 1400’s, and the motive for the sudden venture is search for new trade routes, wealth, adventure, and a way to spread Christianity and the word of God. Inventions and Technological advancement, such as ...view middle of the document...

In the Americas, there were no horses, cattle, sheep, or goats, all animals of Old World origin. Except for the llama, alpaca, dog, a few fowl, and guinea pig, the New World had no equivalents to the domesticated animals associated with the Old World” (Crosby 1). This shows that the trade back in the 1400 influenced and is the reason why we have such animals and crops spread out across the world today. By trading, there was a major boom in Europe’s economy, as well as a lot of money being brought into the new world. Not only did the economy increase, but so did population. The New World had a scarce amount of food to eat. One European meal could feed a whole Hawaiian family for a week. When new food and animals were brought from Europe, natives could finally indulge causing a decrease in malnourishment.
Another reason what the Age of Exploration was positive was because proper medicine was discovered. Before the 1600, the type of medicine used was very unconventional. Supernatural methods such as, use of holy relics and prayers to saints, charity, pilgrimages and other 'acts of virtue' was believed to cure diseases. Also, Herbs, spices, resins, and other substances were used in drinks, pills, baths, rubs, bandages, ointments and most other conceivable forms were used to treat illness. During the early 1600s in England, life expectancy was only about 35 years, largely because two-thirds of all children died before the age of four. During the 1700, the understanding of anatomy improved, and the microscope was invented. Vaccination then became a common practice and improved vaccines and the practice of re-vaccination led to a substantial reduction in diseases such as smallpox in Europe and North America. Many people believe that disease was a major factor that made the Age of Exploration negative; however, disease would have arrived no matter what. People would have ventured off to explore the world, and while doing so carry and spread diseases that over centuries, they have become immune to. The invention of modern medicine cured the diseases the Europeans had such as, small pox and minor STD’s. The medicine also prevented future infections so that later on in society’s development, small infections such as the common cold was treatable. The discovery of medicine also increase population of the Europeans by keeping people alive and treating most sick patients so they could live longer.
The last reason why the Age of Exploration has a positive effect on the New World and Europe was, because Europe civilized the New World. Before Europe discovered the New World, it was considerably uncivilized. For example, men, woman,...

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