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Most children are always told, “Wait to get married” or, “You have your whole life to be with one person”, so it’s easy to see that marrying at a later age would be a given for young women everywhere. Today’s late age at marriage along with the ever decreasing age gap difference between couples do not appear to harm women in anyway. In fact, it appears that this trend actually benefits young women on multiple accounts.
Now, we all know that a parent shouldn’t decide when their child should start to think about marriage, but generally it is preferred when their son or daughter waits until their late 20’s. By being older at marriage, or around ...view middle of the document...

Continuing with the idea that you are a young adult, a younger woman will not have a set career in her early twenties or may not have even finished college. By marrying in their later twenties, women are able to form a foundation for themselves and are bringing more to a marriage than before. Since most people graduate from college around age twenty-four, depending on their degree, this means that they have a steady couple of years to focus on their career rather than worry about planning their wedding, starting to have a baby, or what they will feed their husband for dinner. As you can see, for women who do not attend college, statistics show that these women marry at a younger age and actually have a higher divorce rate. Although these facts may not correlate, it seems to be obvious that by marrying in the later twenties would benefit with a lower divorce rate.
Now, by having the steady career that women generally have by marrying in their later twenties, this obviously brings more to a relationship and to a marriage as well. By having a strong dual income not only will a marriage generally benefit but so will the couple’s children. When marriage occurs at a younger age, couples that have children generally do not have as concrete of a career and therefore are not receiving the constantly higher wages that people receive in their later twenties. Therefore, it appears their children will not have as strong of a foundation at home compared to couples who have a set career and have more than enough goods to support a child. On the other hand, by marrying in the...

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