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Aggression in the Human Society
The topic I have chosen is aggression. I want to try to show that everyone can be affected by aggression. I want to show the different stimuli that will bring anger out in people thus causing them to have aggressive behavior. I want to discuss the different types of aggressive behavior as well as who else can be affected by aggressive behavior besides the victim.
I have been a victim of aggressive behavior which is the reason I picked this topic. I want to try to understand the causes behind the behavior. Understanding from my own experiences the aggressor may know the victim in one of many different roles; such as, and intimate partner, ...view middle of the document...

The research I have done shows aggressive behavior takes different forms. It also shows aggression is not gender specific (Fischer, 2011). Anyone and everyone can be affected by aggressive behavior. It also can affect an individual at any age, married or single (O’Leary, 2006). The research I am using is based on hostile aggression as I am interested in what makes one person want to harm another.
One of the constructs of social psychology this research is related to is self-esteem. It seems to me that many of the aggressive behaviors humans display are related to their own insecurities about themselves. For example, when an intimate partner or close friend threatens to end a relationship if the other person does not do what they want is a good example of a person who is very insecure with themselves (Archer, 2005). If your friend or partner does not act the way you think they should or do something the way you think they should is that really a reason to end a relationship. This is assuming you are not trying to stop someone from hurting themselves or breaking the law; that would be a completely new subject matter to discuss.
What if you are dealing with a problem drinker? Keller and associates found that men who have been drinking “report greater negative affect, perceived greater negative affect from their partners, blame their partners more, and were less secure about their relationship.” All this negativity has to have an impact on their overall self-esteem.
The procedures used by Archer and Coyne (2005) were observations, peer ratings, peer nominations, teacher ratings, and mother ratings. O’Leary and Williams (2006) used self-reporting and inter-partner agreement techniques in their study of aggression in marriage. Keller and associates used questionnaires and interviews in their longitudinal investigation on parental problem drinking, marital aggression, and child emotional insecurity. Fischer and Evers (2011) also used questionnaires in their study.
Evaluation of the questionnaires and observations provided useful data to analyze. The participant’s self-reports, peer ratings, teacher ratings, and mother ratings allowed for first hand data to be collected and reviewed.
Anger is an emotional state that can and does lead to aggressive behavior. At low levels anger can be classified as “feelings of irritation” while at high levels can turn to rage (Robinson, 2010). Anger is an important human emotion to help humans deal with threats. Aggression is the result of anger that is out of control (FAQs, 2013).
Aggressive behavior seems to be the result of social learning. As we watch TV or movies we are exposed to violence. This violence, in many cases, is done by the hero. Therefore, showing violence being rewarded which then sends the message to the audience that this is an acceptable behavior.
Other findings show that girls are more affected by indirect aggression such as gossip, spreading rumors, excluding someone...

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