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Agri Marketing Essay

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Regulated Marketing Economic Policy
Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
July 26, 2004
Regulated Marketing Economic Policy
July 26, 2004
Regulated Marketing Economic Policy
Public Interest
1. The regulated marketing system operates in the interests of all British Columbians. Boards and Commissions operating under the authority of the Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act are responsive to the needs of British Columbia producers, as well as to processors, consumers and other participants in the British Columbia food system.
National Systems
2. The Government of British Columbia supports the participation of British Columbia producers in national supply management ...view middle of the document...

Boards and Commissions ensure policies and practices pertaining to pricing, levying, marketing, and production requirements provide the producer with the ability to pursue new markets and to capture market premiums for products differentiated at the farm level.
Boards and Commissions accommodate financially viable, competent sales agencies and processors who wish to pursue new markets for existing products, as well as markets for new value-added processed products and for products differentiated at the farm level.
Entry of
New Producers
4. The British Columbia regulated marketing system facilitates the entry of new producers to sustain and renew regulated industries in new and existing markets.
The Value Chain
5. The British Columbia regulated marketing system facilitates cooperation among producers, marketing agencies, input industries, processors, and retailers, with a view to achieving efficiencies throughout the entire system, and enhancing value in the marketplace.
Safety and Quality
6. The British Columbia regulated marketing system builds consumer preference for British Columbia product...

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