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In the novel the Help Aibileen portrays three different archetypes in the Novel. She portrays the archetypes The Care Giver, The Warrior and the third one is The Lover.

The first one is how Aibileen portrays the archetype Warrior. How she portrays the warrior is because the definition of a Warrior is when everything seems lost they ride over the hill and get past the problem and save the day. So Aibileenthe novel goes through a hard time because of the cold that she is and she works very hard for Mrs.Leefolt but mrs Leefolt treats her like crap and is very harsh to her. Even though everything that Aibileen does for her and her family. For example on page 18 mrs Leefolt is very mean to Aibileen and tells her " from now on you won't be using the guest bathroom, you will be using that ...view middle of the document...

And would do anything for them. Even if they treat her beyond harsh and bad. And disrespect her butt she knows that's just because of the time period she was working in. For example on page 17 "I got a load of mister Leefolts shirts ironed and after this I'm going to get a pot roast going , I cleaned the bathrooms already , rugs vacuumed and got the sheets changed. " So again she does a lot in this house she is their maid basically and there caregiver that works for them and they don't treat her good at all what so ever. But she still cares for her job.

Lastly , Aibalen portrays a lover. She portrays a lover because of how she loves Mo Mabley so much because of how mrs Leefolt doesn't love her at all it seems like even though she should and she is her mom but Aiballen seems like more of her mom figure and lover. On page 17 of the novel it says " she lay her face down on my leg , I smooth her hair down over and over until she practically purring, feeling the love in my hand." "Baby girl hug on my legs all afternoon to where I about fall over a few times , i don't mind , miss Leefolt ain't said nothing to me or Mo Mabley since this morning." So this explains exactly how she is such a lover for Mo Mabley she doesn't care if She is loving or hanging off her at all because she knows that Mrs. Leefolt pays no attention to her what so ever. So Aibileen loves her dearly and does everything for her as a mother figure. " I always try to finish up my work early so that I can play with Babygirl" Aibileen even tries to make sure that she plays with Mo Mabley because she is just a baby and her mom won't. Which is sad. Again this all goes back to how she is a lover for Mo Mabley.

In conclusion Aibileen is a very wonderfully women and loves what she does so dearly and she is a warrior and she is a care giver.

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