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Aids Essay

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Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or aids, is a recently recognized disease. It is caused by infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Aids is a complicated illness that may involve several phases. It is caused by a virus that can be passed from person to person. It is not only infecting individuals but, also our society. Until a cure is recovered it will continue to plague human society. No person will ever be truly safe.Aids stands for acquired immunodeficiency or sometimes known as immune deficiency syndrome. It results from infection with a virus called HIV, which stands for human immunodeficiency virus.Amongst our modern day society there are many confusions regarding ...view middle of the document...

The natural defense system provides protection for our bodies from bacteria, fungi, viruses and other microscopic invaders.This system includes general, non-specific defenses as well as weapons custom-designed against specific health threats:For instance Innate or non-specific immunity; this is the first line of defense for example our skin, tears, mucus and saliva. Another form of defense performed by the body is after infection or injury when a swelling occurs (contains types of immune cells and chemicals that attack disease-causing agents attempting to invade the body). There is also Adaptive, or specific immunity; is where the use of proteins called antibodies and specialized cells attack invaders who are trying to bypass the first line of defense.Researchers have found evidence relating to the immune system cells called dendritic cells may begin the process of infection. After exposure, these specialized cells may bind themselves to the virus and carry this virus from the site of infection to the lymph nodes, where other immune system cells become infected.Methods of contracting the aids virus is a major concern for people in today's society. People are increasingly concerned about ways to contract the aids virus, its symptoms and prevention.There are no common symptoms for individuals diagnosed with aids. When immune system damage is more severe, people may experience opportunistic infections.What are opportunistic infections? The infections are referred to as "opportunistic" because, they are caused by organisms which cannot induce disease in people with normal immune systems, but, take the "opportunity" to flourish in people with HIV. Most of these more severe infections, diseases and symptoms fall under the centre for disease controls definition of full-blown "aids". The median times to receive an aids diagnosis among those infected with HIV lies between seven and ten years. People are said to have aids when they have certain signs or symptoms specified in guidelines formulated by the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and prevention (CDC).The CDC's definition of aids includes:* All HIV infected people with fewer than 200 CD4 + T-cells per cubic millimeter of blood (in comparison to that CD4 + T-cells count of approximately 1,000 for healthy people.* People with HIV infection who have at least one or more than two dozen aids associated conditions than that are the result of HIV's attack on immune system.In an attempt to discover newer aids treatments medical researchers are working to develop new drugs to keep HIV replication in check, as well as medications and methods to treat or prevent opportunistic infections and other HIV related conditions.Some people with HIV and aids choose to participate in clinical trials of new medications, clinical trials are research studies that help doctors to find better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses. Clinical trials are only conducted on humans only after they are tested in laboratories and...

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