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Aims Of Law Essay

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Aims of LawAims of LawAbortion is when a woman is pregnant with a child, and decides she doesn't want to keep it and decides to terminate the pregnancy by this procedure. The Embryo inside of the uterus is removed surgically, causing the death of the fetus. If the abortion happens spontaneously, then the term is called a miscarriage. While the health risks are low for women that have them, the deaths per year are 70,000 for unsafe abortions performed. 42 million abortions are done a year with half of them done in an unsafe environment, however at least 40 percent have successful elective and therapeutic abortions within thrie term limits. Surgical abortions are done within the first 12 weeks ...view middle of the document...

Psychologically abortions cause stress and pain with regrets in life.The United States Customs Child Pornography Enforcement has been one of the most active agencies against the quandary use of pornography of a minor. Children are defined as minors in the U.S. until the age of 18. The first law for child pornography was written in 1997, that consist of photographs in the nude, in which is to be perceived as sexual gratification and stimulation to whomever chooses to use the depictions. Organizations that assist the (FBI) have been a great help in cracking down on potential perpetrators. Operation Sword Phish is a research team created by Gary Warner from the University of Alabama, along with his team is working countless hours to crack down on many cyber-crimes. The program received three-million dollars in funding from the government to get started. Gary Warner, along with graduate students that are specialists in computer forensics and Science Justice, have a qualitative research tactic that is catching computer criminals that try to engage in child pornography, and consumer thefts. Fraud accounts are set up to catch perpetrators of thousands of cases that the Secret Service and (DEA), brought to Mr. Warner. Perpetrators are getting caught from online communication and account set-ups for live chat rooms, and monitored by the investigation teams for a time, and before the perpetrators suspect anything, there is a knock at their door to arrest them ( H, Wolfson, 2010).Gay Marriage rulings of Sodomy Laws were overturned by the Supreme Court recently in the states. Each state differs and the five states that accept same sex marriage are Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Some counties in like San Francisco, Multnomah, and Oregon, California, were permitting lesbian and gay marriages before the law was changed, and the state overturned the decision and they are not promoted to marry in those places (D, Masci, 2010). I believe Gay and Lesbian are unconstitutional, and is just a defiance of mankind to control what has been set from the beginning of time. By permitting the same-sex marriages to occur, confuses the heterosexual marriage validity, and also in raising children. Gay, and Lesbian couples have adopted children to rise, but I think children should be raised by a woman and man. There is no psychological trait that direct reason for homosexuality, it is merely a mental behavioral choice made that should not require any protection specialty from the law. I think that parents need to start over with their children, putting them in church and keeping them away from the television, because the media promotes the violence, and immorality sexual acts in the first place (J, Masci, 2010.Children have the media as their parents, and become confused about their own identity, because it's being televised to be Gay, or a lesbian. If the child then decides he or she wants to be that way, then they end up like the four gay teens who...

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