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Compressors are power consuming thermodynamic device which convert mechanical energy into head or pressure energy.

An air compressor, as the name indicates, is a machine to compress the air and to raise its pressure. The air compressor sucks air from the atmosphere, compresses it and then deliverers the same under a high press ore to a storage vessel. From the storage vessel, it may be conveyed by the pipeline to a place where the supply of compressed air is required. Since the compression of air requires some work to be done on it, there a compressor must be driven by some ...view middle of the document...

This industry is a reputed manufacturer and exporter of air compressors.

It manufacturing almost all reciprocating type of compressor. But it manufacturing double cylinder reciprocating air compressor since last few year.

For double cylinder reciprocating air compressor it experienced that improper cooling of compressed air by using water as an intercoolant agent after few months of operation. But small capacity range of air compressor working properly for more years.

Due to this the industry faced huge problem in their operations. Their reputation had been at stake. So that we attempted to reduced the temperature of compressed air in double cylinder reciprocating air compressor by using different intercoolant agents and also increase overall performance of air compressor.


In current days the water is used as an intercoolant agent in intercooler for cooling of compressed air during it transfers from one cylinder to another cylinder.

During intercooling of compressed air, the temperature of compressed air is so much high. so it takes some time for cooling. for that compressor speed would be somehow reduced which is not possible in actual application because of its requirement. Because of high temperature of compressed air, water is evaporated quickly.


The work required to compressor is reduced with the help of the intercooling. Which reduce the input power required by the compressor has been saved near about 1 -2 %. Increase volumetric efficiency about 0.5-1% by changing cooling agent. So increase the life of compressor and maintain its discharge pressure capacity for more years.



This paper is published by Prof. Kang Yang in Division of Air Conditioning, Department of Textile Engineering, North-west Institute of Textile Science and Technology, Xi'an, China.[1]

A spraying water device to cool gas can be used in the intercooler of air compressors instead of the heat exchanger. It is more effective for heat transfer because the gas is in direct contact with the cooling water sprayed on to the gas. This paper gives the cooling form, the separating water method from gas, and the calculating formula for heat transfer. Through experiments under the normal pressure, the calculated result of the formula is satisfactory and the separating process, using a' group of streamline baffles to block water, has a low pressure drop and a better separating effect, water content is 0.1 % after separation. The content does not influence the next compression.

A new intercooler of the air compressor, with spraying cooling water on to the gas to transfer heat, is put forward. In this intercooler the streamline baffles are adopted "to ·separate water from gas and have a low pressure drop and a better separating effect through experiments. This...

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