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Air Malaysia Essay

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Task Two
Compare the roles and responsibilities of top management and middle management of Malaysian Airlines to ensure growth of revenue and net profit in the next quarter and future?
Malaysian Airlines is an organization that is competing in an unstable industry, fairly well, given their past experiences which have led to their consumers opting for other service/product providers.
The roles and responsibilities involved for both top and middle management differ in that top management are/is responsible for the strategy formulation which should be followed by middle management, in other words top management is responsible for creating policies, goals and objectives which should be ...view middle of the document...

Strategic management entails long-term implications for the organization.
Levels of management
Management is the organization, control, planning and leading of a company. Every company has one or more levels of management depending on the size of the company; where a new and small company will have the entrepreneur as the sole manager performing all the managerial functions until it grows. Much larger companies will have more managerial levels as a means of distributing work load. There are 3 known levels of management, namely, top, middle and lower or first level management (REFERENCE FOR BUSINESS). Below, this essay will explain the functions of each level of management, beginning with top-level management.
Top-level management refers to the executive level of managers. These managers are the ones that run the company as a whole. They include Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Managing Directors, and the like. These managers' main functions are based on decision making, planning and control of the company. They create the goals, objectives and policies of a company (REFERENCE FOR BUSINESS). If the company is large their interaction with employees is generally minimal, as they do not form part of the day-to-day running of the company. They communicate their decisions with middle-level management, which is then passed on.
Middle-level management is the management that lies between top and lower-level management. Middle management includes General Managers, Plant Managers, Departmental Managers, etc. These managers are usually in charge of lower-level managers, by making sure they fulfil the tasks and goals that are set up by top management. Middle managers create progress reports, give feedback and suggestions to top management, and even set their own departmental goals in order to achieve company objectives (REFERENCE FOR BUSINESS).
Low-level management is the most leadership-oriented form of management with its day-to-day interaction with all the employees. This management is also referred to as line management; these managers include Foremen, Office Managers, Shift Supervisors, etc. Line managers are usually in charge of making sure employees fulfil company or departmental objectives. Although they do not form part of the main or large decision making process, they play a very important role in a company. They make sure employees are productive and motivated and they report to middle management. Sometimes they are offered the opportunity to make employee-related decisions and suggestions (REFERENCE FOR BUSINESS).

In any company, management is crucial to the smooth running of a company. They are held accountable to their respectable fields and are important to understanding the needs and improvements that a business need.
The responsibilities and roles of management regardless of whether top management or middle management entail, five fundamental activities;
 Planning; as defined by Lamb, et al, is “the process...

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