Air New Zealand Marketing Strategy Essay

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1.0 Introduction 3
2.0 Company Overview 4
3.0 Marketing Strategy Overview 5
4.0 Environmental Scan 6
5.0 Competitive Analysis 8
6.0 Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning 10
7.0 Product Strategy 12
8.0 Pricing Strategy 15
9.0 Distribution Strategy 17
10.0 Communication Strategy 19
11.0 Website Evaluation 21
12.0 Strategy Assessment 22
13.0 References 23
1.0 Introduction
State that we are using the domestic market.

2.0 Company Overview

Air New Zealand was founded in 1940, known as Tasman Empire Airways Limited which delivered trans- Tasman flights. In 1953 it became jointly ...view middle of the document...

3.0 Marketing Strategy Overview

Air New Zealand’s vision statement as stated on there website “We will strive to be number one in every market we serve by creating a workplace where teams are committed to our customers in a distinctively New Zealand way, resulting in superior industry returns”. In this vision statement they are stating that they aim to provide to be the number one airline in each of the markets in which they provide a service for. They are also aiming to providing a workforce of employees that are committed to the service they provide to the customers through the New Zealand way.

Air New Zealand stands by the guiding principles of:
• “We will be the customers' airline of choice when travelling to, from and within New Zealand.
• We will build competitive advantage in all of our businesses through the creativity and innovation of our people.
• We will champion and promote New Zealand and its people, culture and business at home and overseas.
• We will work together as a great team committed to the growth and vitality of our company and New Zealand.
• Our workplaces will be fun, energising and where everyone can make a difference.”

By having the above guidelines principles clearly stated for the employees to know as well as having them present on their website it is public knowledge. They are committing to benefiting New Zealand and the people within its work place as well as providing its customers with above board customer service.

4.0 Environmental Scan

Air New Zealand is owned by the New Zealand Government with a 73.72% majority. One concern could be that with the asset sales the New Zealand government could sell its shares. This could turn the company from a very kiwi enterprise that leads the airline industry into another conventional airline. This could turn the airline into a more profit driven business which could end up making the airline cheaper, this would lose its edge in the airline industry, again this is only a possibility. Another aspect that could change if the government sells it shares is that New Zealanders will feel less inclined to use Air New Zealand as before they feel that they had a share of the airline and felt a certain pride when traveling with Air NZ. This may disappear after the selling of government shares.

The global financial crises could affect Air New Zealand quite highly. As seen in the product strategy Air New Zealand has diversified quite a lot with the introduction of its different fares. But the introduction of low cost airline Jetstar has caused Air New Zealand to lose market share on the Trans-Tasman route and also domestically. Along with the continuing rivalry from Qantas and increasing fuel costs, this is only leading to lower profit margins from airfares.

From a social aspect, Air New Zealand seems to have a lot of pride with kiwis and to lose this market would devastate the company. By making sure to cater to this...

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