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Nov 2014


I. Airbus
Airbus has been created because the French, German and British governments wanted
to launch a European aeronautics program to compete with American companies such as
Boeing, McDonnell Douglas or Lockheed.

In 1970, l’Aérospatiale and Deutsche Airbus make a consortium. In 1971, the Spanish
C.A.S.A join them, followed in 1979 by British Aerospace. At that moment, the German and
the French used to get 38% of the total benefice, 20% was for the British and 4% for the

The first flight of an Airbus plane was on May 12th.1979 with Air France. The plane
made a return trip Toulouse-Paris.

The most famous plane was A320. There ...view middle of the document...

Normal flights
also used the planes such as US Airways, Turkish Airways ... There is also Postal services such
as United Parcel Service (UPS), low cost companies such as Ryanair.

But also special clients such as Thomas Cook, who is open to all markets. They also
built parts of the ISS (International Space Station).

III. Success and strategy


Smaller, lighter and more economical products

Alliances with Germany, UK and France to create a bigger and more competitive

Product differentiation.

Direct collaboration with the governments to comply with their regulations.

Collaboration with partners in the industry.

Eco-friendly products with high grade technology.

More passengers, less planes, more profits, less pollution, hence, a social responsible



The design and launch of the Boeing 747 in 1960 became a new era.

The idea to change the world into more flights a day, less passengers per plane.

Giant passenger ships are made larger by adding decks, the same with airplanes.

The Boeing Everett Factory.

The Boeing Dreamliner.

Target Segment: America and Asia

Airbus worked on its research and development area to give a tough fight to rivals, in
this case, Boeing.
Boeing developed 12 new passenger airplanes in 35 years, while Airbus achieved this
in 20 years.
Boeing’s technical complacency became another opportunity for Airbus.
New technology from Airbus became a threat for Boeing.


• Strong global network
• Broad product line that covers most major market niches / R&D development


• A hierarchical, ridged, and semi- autocratic management style, which is a
product of its military heritage.
• Labour problems.
• Dependence on US government and...

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