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Airline And The Air Passenger Travelling Experience On The Ground In A Point To Point Domestic Flight

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1 ABSTRACT This coursework discusses the control of the airline and the air passenger travelling experience on the ground in a point-to-point domestic flight. It also takes into consideration other factors that are not directly controlled by an airline that have a major impact on the passenger journey experience.

INTRODUCTION Airlines, airports, handling agents, government authorities and technology providers constantly have to work together to develop a speeder airport by simplifying passenger travel experience and reducing their travelling time. Some major programmes have been developed: the SPT” Simplifying Passenger travel program” from ACI and “Fast Travel program” from IATA. Travel ...view middle of the document...

Security rules are a large part of the cause of the increase of the overall journey time, in a research by Euro-control (De Clercq G,2009),”on the percentage of flights delayed at the top 5 airports in Europe experiencing the level of delays due to security check are 5-12%, due to departure gates and boarding 5-8% “,the result of this might be the increase of amount of hand baggage being taken onto an aircraft from passenger travelling in domestic flights to avoid waiting at baggage reclaim and the strictness of the Security checks . However, an improvement in the security queue is expected, new CAA regulation (2011), imposes a strict targets about the length of security queues for Heathrow and Gatwick airport : two targets are set stating that “queuing time should be no more than 5 minutes for 95% of occasions sampled and less than 10 minutes on 99% of occasions sampled ”.The airports are required to report data to the CAA measuring their performance ,and the airports are forced to pay penalty payments to airlines if these targets are not met. According to a study carried out by Telegraph travel (Smith, 2011),despite the increase cost of the air tickets due to a rise of APD (domestic flight taxes increase from £5 to £12 per person) and also the introduction of the EU Emission trading scheme and rising oil price, “air fares are cheaper than rail fares on half of Britain’s 10 most popular domestic routes”, However, a tendency from passenger to lower the cost of their tickets is compensated by the choice of a “low cost airline” instead. Also, the price of train fares will be affected and will be increased by an average of 8% in January 2012.Some fares could increase by as much as 13%.

3 These factors play an important role in influencing the passenger’s choice when considering which form of transport to use to reach their destination: - travelling time - schedule and frequency - ticket fare cost -cost of transport (taxi, private car, etc…) to/from airport or station -convenient access to airport or station -car park facilities -using environmentally friendly transport services A research study by Cokasova A.,the business passenger have a tendency to give more importance to travel time, comparing to leisure passenger who are more focused on ticket price. Both types of passenger consider access to the airport or station to be important.

CONSIDERATION Generally speaking, travelling by air is making the journey shorter, however a high demand for travelling by rail is present because train stations are located in the town city centre, therefore passenger are avoiding transport to/from the airport and they can arrive easily few minutes before travelling (no security check required). Airports are becoming more congested and competition is rising between air and rail transportation. In order to analyse some points of discussion, one of the most popular domestic route has been analysed: London to Edinburgh (distance in Km 534.19) Warren J. (2007)...

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