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Bharti Tele-Ventures was incorporated on July 7, 1995 as a company with limited liability under the Companies Act, for promoting telecommunications services. Bharti Tele-Ventures received certificate for commencement of business on January 18, 1996. The Company was initially formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bharti Telecom Limited.
Bharti Airtel Ltd is one of the world's leading providers of telecommunication. Airtel has GSM network in all countries in which it operates, providing 2G, 3G and 4G services depending upon the country of operation. Airtel is the world's third largest mobile telecommunications company with over 261 million subscribers across 150 countries as ...view middle of the document...

-Ties up with SSC (Secondary School Certification) Board, Hyderabad, where Bharti will announce SSC results to its customers on their mobile phones
-ICICI Bank ties up with Bharti for pre-paid mobile cards via ATMs
-Bharti forays into Mumbai with offers
-Sunil Mittal, Chairman & Managing Director of the company, bags Businessman of the year award by Business India
-Airtel breaks interconnectivity with Tata Tele services in Andhra Pradesh Circle
-Air Tel launches Local direct dialling facility in Chennai circle
-Punjab, Haryana get free incoming calls from Airtel
-AirTel provides SMS facilities to hearing impaired in Chennai
-Goa, Maharashtra gets 'voice portal' services by Bharti Cellular
-Launches free additional connection to its new subscribers in New Delhi
-Mr Sin Hang Boon and Mr Wong Hung Khim have resigned from the Board of Directors of Bharti Tele Ventures Ltd with effect from February 27, 2003.
-Airtel provides SMS cricket updates
-AirTel reintroduces 'Mobile 2 Mobile' offer for Karnataka customers
-Airtel surpasses 4 lakh subscriber base in Karnataka
-Bharti announces new tariff plan AirTel 012
-AirTel offers bundled handset, connection package for Rs 5715
-Airtel slashes SMS rates to 60 paise; excludes Delhi and Mumbai
-AirTel introduces unified tariff package in TN, Chennai
-Airtel becomes front runner in Karnataka's mobile services market
-Bharti Tele launches 'Always on' service to its subscribers
-SBI, AirTel announce EMI offer at Rs 299
-Gets 14th place among top 25 Cos in India
-Bharti Mobile crosses 4 lakh mobile subscribers in AP
-Airtel holds top position in terms of dealer penetration
-Prof. V S Raju has been inducted on the Board of Directors of the Company.
-AirTel introduces MTV Club Card in Chennai
-AirTel enrolls 50,000 customers in its mobile service in 60 days
-Launches WAP enabled portal Service in Kerala
-Airtel customer base touches new high of 5 lakh mark in Andhra Pradesh
-Airtel launches Rs 50 pre-paids recharge
-Bharti Tele garners $100 m via FCCBs
-Airtel offers talktime transfer service
-- Airtel launched two-way international roaming and GPRS for prepaid customers in the Maharshtra and Goa circles
-Airtel unveils Rs 199 pre paid card
-AirTel join hands with NMIMS to offer executive MBA programme
-Airtel launches GPRS services for pre-paid customers

-Airtel launches video services for its GPRS customers on February 22, 2005
-Airtel unveils new TV ad featuring Sachin, Sharukh

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