Albatross Travel Work And Travel Usa

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Albatross Travel -- Work and Travel USA
The service
In this paper I will discuss the service the company ¨Albatross Travel¨, which I own together with some friends, will introduce to the Albanian market in January 2011. Our company has recently been registered with the Albanian authorities and the service it will offer is called ¨Work and Travel¨. Starting in the summer of 2011 we will only offer the ¨Work and Travel USA¨ service. We believe our company will be a successful one, and we expect that after a couple of years we will be able to offer other ¨Work and Travel¨ programs to other developed countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada etc. ¨Work and Travel USA¨ is a program which ...view middle of the document...

Reasons behind selecting our Service
The reason my friends and I choose to launch this kind of service in the Albanian market is that we have all participated in such programs when we were university students in Bulgaria, so we are very familiar with the procedure of getting a job in the US and the visa to work there. In Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries, such as Romania, the Czech Republic, Russia etc. this program has been very popular for many years, and we have met students from such countries while working in the US during the summer. I have participated three times in this program myself and have been delighted by it. First of all, a student on average makes good money out of the program. On average my friends and I have saved about $ 6000 each summer we have worked in the US for an average of four months. We are confident that Albanian students would be very happy to make that kind of money in the US. From our research, Albanian students working in Albania would not save more than $800 by working in similar jobs as the ones in the US for a similar period.
Other benefits from participating in the program include: improving the English level of the participating students, getting to know the American culture, visiting American cities, meeting people from all over the world – in Albania you cannot meet people from all the continents as in the US or other industrialized countries, etc.
A friend of ours from Kosovo (he runs Dardanica Work and Travel who has launched the same program there will assist us in case we encounter unforeseen problems. Problems can happen but as previous participants ourselves, we know better the program better than other Albanian entrepreneurs who would want to launch the same service and we also believe that the support from our friend from Kosovo will help us solving the problems if any.
Factors taken into consideration while assigning Brand Name
My friends and I did a lot of brainstorming to come up with our brand name. After a long list of suggestions for the brand name we narrowed them down to three: Albatross, Dajti and Thethi. Dajti is the name of the mountain close to Tirana, the capital of Albania, while Thethi is the name of a village in the Albanian Alps. Both are very well known in Albania. In the end we chose Albatross for two reasons: the word ¨albatross¨ has the word ¨alba¨ which is the first 4 letters of the name of our country and a very popular female name in Albania. We felt this would appeal to Albanian students who are patriotic and don´t like companies with foreign name. We are well aware that it is just a coincidence that the name ¨albatross¨ is similar to Albania, but nevertheless we used this to our advantage. Also albatrosses are large birds known for travelling long distances at high speed. So in case our prospective customers wonder why we chose the name of this bird, they will realize our assumption: students using our company will reach...

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