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Albertsons Ditches Self Checkout In Favor Of Human Contact

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Albertsons ditches self-checkout in favor of human contact

1. The presence of self-service checkout lanes and or service employees are part of the physical surroundings in Albertson’s store atmosphere, or environment.

a) Using the Typology of Service Environments in Fig. 13-2, describe where Albertsons would be positioned within the grid.

A typical shopping trip to Albertsons is relatively short in duration and may serve both utilitarian and hedonic motives. Consumers require food, but they may also enjoy the shopping experience and the feelings they associate with the service. Thus, the average Albertson’s shopping trip is most likely in the top row, center cell of the typology.

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For those who are making quick trips for mundane necessities are less involved and may prefer more self-service options.

3. Interpret the information in Tables A, B and C.

a) What are the primary needs that self-service checkouts satisfy for those customers who prefer them?

The primary need that is fulfilled for the segment of customers who prefer self-checkout options is convenience and time savings. Self-checkout is especially helpful for those who want to make a quick trip for a few items and desire little social interaction.

b) What other industries present the best opportunities for the self-service checkout industry to grow?

Several other industries in Table C are poised for growth of self-service technology, especially as smart mobile phones become more and more popular. Other than grocery stores, banks and the air travel industry show a strong self-service following. Yet, there is room for growth, as the majority of the customers are not yet using self-service checkout.

4. Chapter 10 discusses Maslow’s hierarchy of...

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