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For most people who drink, alcohol is a pleasant accompaniment to social activities. Nonetheless many people get into serious trouble because of their drinking. On a daily basis alcohol is abused by millions all across the United States. Nearly 14 million Americans abuse alcohol or are alcoholics. Along with abusing alcohol come many problems. The consequences of alcohol misuse are serious--in many cases, life threatening. First of all your health is a huge issue, as are your actions while under the influence. Drinking increases the risk of death from automobile crashes as well as recreational injuries. Furthermore, both homicides and suicides are more likely to be committed by persons who have been drinking. Economically, alcohol-related problems cost America approximately $185 billion per year. In human terms, the costs cannot be calculated. The most destructive problem that goes along with binge drinking is when it occurs ...view middle of the document...

Whether it is by killing himself or his abusive parent, it always ends with tragedy. Alcohol has this kind of effect on people and when you put a family in the middle of the problem it really escalates. This is because the alcoholic within the family is now not only endangering themselves but others as well. The only solution to this problem is to stop drinking in excess. The problem with this is that this does not work with everyone. People who have a typically violent personality to begin with only need one or two drinks to have that part of them increase dramatically. Therefore alcohol tends to ruin many families. It manages to do so in many different ways. The obvious effect is physical, such as scars, bruises, and just any overall physical pain inflicted as a result of alcohol consumption. But the more overlooked effects are emotionally, and developmentally. Abusive parents leave very powerful emotional scars. In most cases the child feels unloved, or worthless when he or she is abused, and this belief stays with them for the rest of their life. Often this leads to deep depression and even suicide. In other cases the child goes through life with an anger built up inside and eventually it will come out in an awful act of violence. As well as emotional effects abuse leaves it also have terrible developmental effects. If a parent under the influence of alcohol abuses a child the child can develop into the same type of person as their abusive parent. Many times the child will take on drinking as a way to ease the pain. Then when they end up having children of their own, abuse often occurs. This shows that it is not the abusive parent to blame some of the times but instead alcohol itself. It is the core of many family problems today.This is a problem that needs to be dealt with. The problem is that no one really knows how to because most victims of abuse keep quiet about it. The only way would be to convince people to drink in moderation or not at all. Considering that 14 million Americans abuse alcohol this would not exactly be easy. Today alcohol is destroying many families all across the world and it needs to be dealt with otherwise it will continue.

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