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Alcohol And The Apache Reservation Essay

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Alcohol and the Apache Reservation
Frank A. Parkinson
Grand Canyon University RN-BSN

Alcohol and the Apache Reservation
The Apache Indian Reservation is a place I am very familiar with. As a registered nurse I have worked and served the people of this area for nearly three years now. I also grew up in the area surrounding the reservation so I have first hand knowledge of the health status of this community. These people are part of the American Indian or Alaska Native group and I will be using the data from these groups as well as direct data from the White Mountain Apache Tribe to compare the health of these people against that of the national average. The primary focus on ...view middle of the document...

“A 1998 estimate of the extent of the alcohol problem indicated that between 40 and 60 percent of tribal membership met the criteria of alcoholism” (HNI, 2000). This is much higher than the national average. According to the Nation Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, in “2012, 24.6 percent of people ages 18 or older reported that they engaged in binge drinking in the past month” (NIAAA, 2014).
“AI/ANs have a unique relationship with the federal government due to historic conflict and subsequent treaties. Tribes exist as sovereign entities, but federally recognized tribes are entitled to health and educational services provided by the federal government” (CDC, 2014). This is unique in that all tribal members are born with the opportunity to seek and be provided with healthcare. Although this opportunity is present it is not always used. For example last years data from the Whiteriver Service Unit, showed that lest than 50% of patients with scheduled follow-up appointments after discharge for alcohol related admissions, actually came to their next scheduled appointment.
Primary prevention to help combat the alcohol problem in specifically the WMAT reservation is crucial to decreasing the number of ETOH related health problems with patients. It is also very important that we provide opportunities for the youth to increase their education level. Many are high school dropouts who turn to alcohol as everyone else is doing it and there is nothing else to do. Primary prevention can help to educated...

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