Alcohol And Tobacco Should Be Banned

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Picture this, 3 year old Jonathan fights for his life everyday because he is diagnosed with asthma caused by his mother’s daily abuse of smoking. One day, he is being rushed to the hospital from a terrorizing asthma attack he had during school. Three hours later, he recovers from his attack and his mom is driving him home. While the street light turns green, the mother presses on the gas pedal, BAMB! The car is totaled, “Jonathan?! JONATHAN?!” … no response. Jonathan was killed in an accident caused by a drunk driver who passed a red light. If we didn’t allow for these substances to be legal, this would have never happened. We should band alcohol and nicotine like other drugs.
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Even though most people say, “it’s one drink and that’s it,” the actual truth is 33 million Americans are binge drinkers, meaning they consume five or more drinks on a single occasion, according to people who combat substance abuse on an internet website.
Not only are alcohol and nicotine an influence on your personal life, but they also harm your health. Every drug has its health issues. You may think you’re “cool” at the moment, or that “nothing” will happen to you, but that’s the exact mentality that got tobacco educator, Debi Austin, the hole in her throat. She quoted, “I was in a hurry to grow up. I started smoking in 1963, at age 13. I thought it made me look older and it looked cool, at least in my mind. Now it’s hard to look cool with a hole in your throat the size of a quarter.” Tracheotomy is only one of the things you can get from smoking. According to medical doctors on an internet website, tobacco also can cause: heart attacks, strokes, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), and cancer. Alcohol also has its health problems, it can cause: heart disease, cancer, liver problems, infections, mental disorders, malnutrition (can cause physical harm), impotence, and infertility in men. Can you believe that one “little smoke” or drink can cause all that damage? Well believe it because it’s the truth. Now if you’re still not convinced that alcohol and nicotine should be banned, I’d like to address some counter-arguments.
Some may state that the sale of alcohol and nicotine helps our...

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