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I attended an alcoholics anonymous meeting in Whitefish Bay, WI with my classmate. We previously tried to attend a meeting in September, but were unfortunately turned away due to it being a closed meeting. The leader of the meeting was kind enough to let us know when the next open meeting would be, which was October 8th. I nervously returned to the church that night and didn’t know what to expect once we arrived, which caused some anxiety for me.
We entered a cozy room and were greeted right away and took an open seat. When the meeting began, there were six other participants and the facilitator as well as Liz and I. The meeting started out by going around the circle stating our ...view middle of the document...

ND is likely in her mid-fifties, gave her testimony of how grateful she is to have a higher spirit in her life and how He brought her out of the pit of alcoholism to where she is today. She admitted that the road was not easy, but very much well worth it. She now has a relationship with her mother again after twenty years of estrangement, a loving husband, and friends that she can count on when she feels vulnerable to the bottle. Her story resonated with me because it made me reflect on how fortunate I have been throughout my life to have a support system of people who have given me guidance and wisdom in my times of need. I thought about how my life decisions might have been different if I were estranged from my family or had disregarded the valuable advice that I received from them.
Throughout the meeting, a particular bible story kept coming to my mind. As the participants talked about their struggles to free themselves from the bondage of their addiction, I thought about the story in Mark 5 where Jesus cast out the demons from the man who was controlled by them. This was a man who was viewed by the townspeople as out of control in every way possible. He was undesirable and brought fear to those who came into contact with him. He was not a lot different than the people I met today when they were imprisoned by their addictions. Yet, through an encounter with Jesus, this man from was set free from demons that bound him just as “He” can set free the people who surrounded me today. If they are willing to have an encounter with Jesus, they too can go on to experience a meaningful life, like the man in the story.
The ethical side of me kept creeping thoughts into my head during the meeting. These people see themselves as having the...

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