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Alfred Adler's Dream Beliefs Essay

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Alfred Adler believed that dreams were an important part to mastering control over our waking lives. They were problem solving devices. Dreams need to be brought to conscious light and interpreted so that we can better understand and solve our problems. It is important to learn from our dreams and incorporate them into our life.

Because of Adler’s belief that dreams were correlated with the problems in our daily life, he further went to say that the more dreams we have, then the more problems we are likely to have.

Unlike Freud, Adler believed that control, power and motivation were the driving force behind the behavior, not sexual impulses. Furthermore, he did not think that our actions and behavior ...view middle of the document...

I cannot answer any of the questions on the test. The time is running out and I cannot complete the exam in time. I look around, everybody look fine and have no problem with the test. I feel more nervous and so much pressure inside. I cannot even read the test question and I suddenly woke up. I am so glad that it was only a dream.”

At Adler’s view: This dream connects to my self-esteem, confidence and insecurity. I am worried that I am not getting a good grade or measuring up to other people’s expectations. I also experience the fear of not being accepted, not being prepared, or not being good enough.

This dream indicate that I am being judged and this dream is a signal for me to examine an aspect of myself that I may have been neglecting and need to pay attention to. It goes back to my fear and own anxiety that I am afraid to let others down.

I never take my dream seriously enough to act on and most of the particular content of dreams is too quickly forgotten to be useful later. I agree with Adler’s dream theory that the dreams were a way of addressing our insecurities. As we might carry the thought, mood or feeling before we go to bed and it may create the dream. Dreaming is an anticipation of or preparation for future situations. Adlerian dream analysis involves looking at the parts of a dream and analyzing what problems or inferiorities they might represent. Then how we act in response to those dream elements represents a way of overcoming the issue. The method indicated by the dream might be realistic – a dress- rehearsal for life – or totally unrealistic wish-fulfillment.

Hopefully, I have a good dream tonight :)

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