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Alfred Hitchcock, Master Of Suspense: A Director Who Loves To Manipulate The Audience Through His Films

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Alfred Hitchcock, also known as "Master of Suspense," was a director who loves to manipulate the audience through his films. As a director, he always stayed in touch with his childish fears. Ever since his father taught him a lesson about what happens to "naughty boys," he always feared police. Hitchcock recalled that "the sound of that closing cell door and the bolt" never left his memory. Director of such works as Psycho and Dial "M" for Murder, Hitchcock told his stories through suspense.In the documentary, "Film on Film," Hitchcock lets us know his secrets in successfully making a great film. In all of his films, the Hitchcock villain is a person you'd never suspect. The most everyday ...view middle of the document...

For many reasons it was a great achievement. The film tricked the audience into believing it was telling one story, then shifted to tell another by killing off its leading lady halfway through the film. He did it perfectly without disappointing or losing its audience. A strange figure enters and repeatedly stabs Marion with a knife to shrieking music. The music adds a lot of tension and suspense to the audience. This adds tension and also keeps the audience in suspense because the audience knows that something will happen in that part. The audience is then terrified and wants to know more. Another scene that was brilliant was when the detective is stabbed at the top of the stairs and he falls down. That placement of the camera makes u feel like you are falling with him. Suspense in Psycho arises from wondering who is going to be killed next. Alfred Hitchcock gives an image that Norman Bates' mother is alive. He does this by describing Norman Bates as being controlled by his mother. He does not tell the truth about the mother being dead, but does not lie either. Norman's mother is dead, but is alive in the mind of Norman. The audience thinks that the mother is alive and they think she can be the killer in the film. This makes the audience want to see what really happens in the film.Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder is another example of pure and classic Hitchcock film. Hitchcock proves in this version that you don't need fancy clothes and pretty sets to make a film that keeps you in suspense the whole time. What you do need is good actors, a well-planned plot, and a...

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