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Alice Walker And Everyday Use Essay

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February ninth 1944, it was a dark and stormy night… well maybe not. Regardless of the weather this is the date of Alice Walkers birth in Eatonton Georgia. Born to the sharecroppers Willie Lee and Minnie Grant Walker, who had already been blessed (cursed) with seven children, Alice was their eighth and final bundle of joy. She led a fairly normal life till she was eight years old and her elder brother accidentally (or was it?) shot her in the eye with a BB gun. This unfortunate incident caused Alice to lose the use of one eye. An interesting by product of this event was that she ended up with one blue eye and one brown eye. An excellent student, Alice graduated valedictorian of her class ...view middle of the document...

Mama and Maggie have, cherish and use these skills every day, using their heritage. Dee does not see the practical uses of the churn top and the quilts; she sees dollar signs and a rise in social status. She knows virtually nothing of the families past and doesn’t really care. She rejects all the things that are her true heritage in favor of objects, icons that represent things she can not even begin to understand. She is not alone in this; most people who claim to know their heritage know very little.
Heritage is not something learned, it is something done, something experienced. Heritage is not an old uniform someone’s many-times-great-grandfather wore in the American revolution, it is uncle Mel telling stories about his boy hood, and the kids getting into trouble. It is Grandma making triple-chocolate fudge, kids playing in the yard and Grandpa working in the barn. Heritage is cousin Vinny fixing cars and going to a strip bar afterwards with some old army buddies. Ones past is not ones heritage, it is ones on going present and the lessons taken from ones...

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