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All About Christopher Pike Essay

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I chose to do my research on Christopher Pike. The reason I picked to write about this author was because what he writes is like magic. I mean, it is important and everything he writes seems so real, and I just wanted to know more about him. The first source came from a book that Christopher Pike wrote, and I got that book from the WHS library. I found my first source from a book, the name of the book I used was Whisper of Death. I got the book from the WHS library. My second source came from the internet, in the computer lab. And the last source I ...view middle of the document...

He got his pen name from the guy on Star Trek. he currently lives in Santa Barbara. That is what I found out from the internet source. From the book I found that he was born in Brooklyn, New York. And also from the book I found that he wrote many interesting books. Which I may add I have read more than half. From the book I found out some of his hobbies. Which are meditating, writing books, running, astronomy, and something about computers, and spending time with his nieces and nephews. From the periodical well I didn't really find anything new, other than the fact that he was 36 in 1992. Well in doing this project I learned a few things. And I think the main reason we did this project was so you can teach us how to look for information on a certain topic. Also to teach us where to look when we need to find information on something. And last but not least, to teach us to be comfortable to ask for help when we need it. I think the source that was the most useful was the internet source, and the book source because I found out a lot of stuff that I never knew. I pretty much think I did a good job. Because I worked hard, and I really tried to find all the answers to my questions. If I ever do an other research project I think I would be more specific, and also I would add more to what I have.

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