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All For Fury Lamb Essay

714 words - 3 pages

Stories | The Necklace | Hey you down there | Lamb to the slaughter | The Fury |
Setting | This story is set in the 1950s and 60s. It also includes a park, cafe and most of the characters house. | This story is set in a modern house and then moved to their back garden. | This story is set in an old 60s house, with a warm cosy fire place and a sitting room. | This story is set in a 1980s and is set in Ms. Fletcher’s house. |
Relationship | Madame Louisel doesn’t appreciate that her husband works so much for her to have all the quality products. She also doesn’t appreciate her friendship with Madame Frostier until she loses the necklace. | Dora and Calvin are married but share a hate marriage in which Calvin always shout at Dora and sometimes raises his hands at her. | Mr and Mrs Maloney are married and have quite a happy life until Mr Maloney comes home one day with bad news. | Mr. And Mrs Fletcher are husband and wife ...view middle of the document...

In their greed they give ham but Calvin gets a bit too greedy and decides he will go in to the hole and kill all the creatures that live in it and have all the gold bars to him. But instead the creatures mistake Calvin for a turkey and eat him up. | Patrick and Mary Maloney had a very strong marriage until Patrick returns home with bad news making Mary very worried and scared. Which then she suddenly hits him with a leg of frozen lamb which kills him instantly. She then tricks the police by eating the weapon which kills her husband which is the lamb leg. | Mrs. Fletcher loves her husband a lot but she is very jealous as her husband spends times with his rabbits more than her. She also gets very angry when he returns home late as she waits very eagerly for him to return from office. One day they both have a very big argument which leads to Mr. Fletcher leaving home and Mrs Fletcher thought he would not return home so in her anger she murders the rabbits. That’s when he does return home. |
Exploitation | Madame Louisel uses her husband to get expensive things to make her look good in the society. Madame Louisel also uses Madame Frostier’s necklace to make her look beautiful in the party. | Calvin and Dora use ham and turkey to bribe the creatures that live in the hole they try getting gold bars out of them by trade. | Mary uses the grocery store man as a witness of the murder proving her innocent. | Mrs. Fletcher uses the neighbours as examples of showing that Mr. Fletcher doesn’t take much care of Mrs. Fletcher as they don’t go out as a couple anymore. |
When animals Feature | In this story there is no feature of an animal. | In this story we are not sure what animal lives in the hole or if it even is an animal but I know Calvin and Dora exchange turkey’s for gold bars. | In this story Mary uses a frozen lamb leg as a weapon to kill Patrick and the very cunningly put it in the oven to cook for the police officers and the detectives to then eat. | In this story Mr.. Fletcher cares about his rabbits very much which then makes Mrs. Fletcher very jealous. That then makes Mrs. Fletcher murder the rabbits in her anger. |

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