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All Fungi Are Not The Same

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Casey Vincent
Fungi Essay
Not All Fungi Are the Same
All fungi are unique in their own way and each represents something new and exciting within the world. As new fungi are discovered and more is becoming known about the existing fungi our knowledge is growing and helping us to live a better life. A few of the fungi studied about are zygomycota, ascomycota, and basidiomycota, which will be discussed in further detail throughout this paper.
Zygomycota are also known as “conjugation fungi” and make up only about 1% of known fungi species (Zygomycota). These fungi can reproduce both sexually and asexually; when asexual they spread by a sporangium breaking open and allowing ...view middle of the document...

Ascospores, the sexual spores of ascomycota, form when two nuclei of morphologically similar or dissimilar fuse together. Medicines such as penicillin are produced using ascomycota, as well as some types of baking and brewing yeast. The phylum ascomycota is very important to the human race because it allowed for life saving medications to be made and also made it possible for different foods to be produced through the use of yeast (Taylor, J., Spatafora, J., Berbee,M. 2006). With all the good that came from the ascomycota phylum also came some bad such as Candida albicans which is responsible for causing different types of fungal/yeast infections such as thrush in infants. These fungi receive nutrients from dead or living organisms and play a huge role in recycling dead plant material (Taylor, J., Spatafora, J., Berbee,M. 2006).
Containing about 30,000 species is a mushroom producing fungi group of the phylum basidiomycota, which are known as the “club fungi” because they form on a base called a basidium (Swann, E., Hibbett, D. 2007). A single basidium usually produces four basidiospores that can be either asexual (anamorph, lost the ability to reproduce sexually) or sexually (teleomorph) reproducing. Penicillium is an example of an anamorph that developed as a result of a mutation on a telemorph. The mold produced by penicillium can be fatal when it is paired with an immune-suppressed patient such as that of an AIDS patient. Malassezia is a form of yeast produced by basidiomycota that is found on skin of animals and humans and may cause disease. These fungi can cause disease in animals and humans, attack wood in buildings and other structures, as well as attack...

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