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All In Your Fingertips Inf 103 Essay

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Have you ever thought of having the most reliable resources at your fingertips within just a few keywords and not even having to leave your desk? And no I do not mean Google, Yahoo, or Bing either, I am talking about our very own library at from school, yes Ashford University’s Library. Everything you can imagine to get you started; from EBooks, articles, Films on demand, and other informative sources all just a click away. You also have the ability to search by subject, a-z, or even different types, now how convenient is that? I cannot forget to mention the accommodating tutorials, and Librarians that are there to help every step of the way.
Bowles (2013) states a “public domain database ...view middle of the document...

Like Bowles (2013) states “The Ashford Library is not just one main database, but actually contains several. Knowing something about them will help you conduct effective and efficient searches”. (Bowles, 2013, 6.3 para 1) When searching by subject you can find EBSCOhost, ProQuest, and ebrary. Some examples of ProQuest provide newspaper databases as well as article disciplines and Ebrary has collection of Ebooks, which contain many academic fields such as; Education, health and medicine, law, or in my field of study Psychology. Searching by type you can find anything from video/audio, encyclopedias, dictionaries, statistical information and images are just naming a few. If you still are unsure there is always searching databases A-Z which provide the list of any databases that are available to you throughout the Ashford Library.
If I were to need a scholarly resource in my class I have the ability to use over fifteen different databases, and this is provided by searching within subject: Psychology. These...

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