All Men Are Created Equal Essay

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All Men Created Equal
The physiology of a human being is what distinguishes man from beast. Human beings are superior entities in comparison to animals, because human-beings have the ability to think logically and have been granted the ability to choose between right and wrong. One must wonder where the concept of superiority and inferiority come from. Throughout history man has chosen to make distinctions between each other based on nationality, race, religion, and even culture. Thereby, creating a disparity between people based on race and culture. Many atrocities have occurred because of this insane way of thinking; that race or culture plays precedence in any person’s intellect or ...view middle of the document...

In this letter he asks the reader to remember a time when America was under the rule of the “British Crown” and how oppression made Americans feel. Then he asks what did freedom feel like for you once it was achieved? Banneker moves on to say once America found its freedom you “publicly held forth this true and invaluable doctrine, which is worthy to be recorded and remembered in all succeeding ages: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights and these are, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” (Banneker)
The declaration was not met with full acceptance. Many white southerners disagreed with the implication that “all men are created equal.” This can be seen in the writing On the Slave Trade: to the Editor of the Federal Gazette the author quotes a speech given by a Slave trader who was against the abolition of slavery years before it was demanded in America. In the speech it says, “Let us hear no more of this detestable Proposition, the manumission of Christian slaves, the Adoption of which would be depreciating our lands and houses, and thereby depriving so many good Citizens of their properties, create universal discontent, and provoke insurrections to the endangering Government and producing general confusion.” (Historicus) This writer clearly feels that free slaves would do a great disservice to the United States. He also feels that slaves are too ignorant to be free and cannot survive without being enslaved. This can also be seen in writing by Thomas Paine as well in his address Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs; he clearly wants America to be free from Great Britain but does not think that this freedom should be extended to Indians or Blacks. His stance can clearly be seen when he writes, “Who would think it glorious to expel from the Continent, that barbarous and hellish power, which hath stirred up the Indians and Negroes to destroy us…” (Paine)
In the writing The Speech in the Convention Benjamin Franklin is not totally sure how he feels about the Declaration. In his first sentence he addresses the President by saying “I confess that I do not entirely approve of this constitution at present; but Sir I am not sure I shall ever approve it…” (Franklin) He then says, “Sir I agree to this Constitution, with all its faults, -- if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us.” (Franklin) Franklin knows that a government and constitution is imperative and can be a good thing if executed properly. He also explains that he thinks this will be the best that the constitution can be, because of the differences in opinions of the men signing the document. One can clearly see from this spectrum that “all men are created equal” as long as they are white men. There is clearly a struggle going on. This concept is not one that has always just been, but rather a concept that grew and developed over time....

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