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All Parents Should Be Required To Volunteer Time To Their Children's Schools

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All parents should be required to volunteer time to their children's schools.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim. In developing and supporting your position, be sure to address the most compelling reasons and/or examples that could be used to challenge your position.

The statement simply claims that all parents should be required to volunteer time to their children's school. It is true that in spending time in school, parents have more chances to communicate with their children's teachers and know how well their children study in school so as to solve any problems with respect to study or living. However, with close ...view middle of the document...

This interaction paves way for a waggish and light-hearted experience for the parents who are otherwise busy with their day to day activities;
However, not all of parents could volunteer time to their children's schools. The reasons are various. Some parents must spend a lot of time in business. Otherwise, they might be fired or given less money. Sometimes, some parents in school are inclined to bring adverse effects to schools. For instance, some parents are addicted to smoking; so smoking in front of children not only is detrimental to their children's health but also gives children a bad image. What's more, without enough experience, parents might do wrong things, even though their intention are well meaning, which might put a heavy burden on teachers. Therefore, in order for parents to prepare for being a good volunteer, some training and orientation must be required, and unfortunately, these inevitably should cost many financial and human resources. Hence, we can see, because of the reasons mentioned above, this recommendation, though well-intentioned, might hardly be put into effect. So, if schools have enough money and staff, these schools could let some parents who have enough time and energy volunteer in schools.
First requiring parents to volunteer in their children’s school puts undue pressure on working parents especially parents that work more than one job to support their families. Forcing parents to volunteer at school could cause a financial loss for some families. Parents would be forced to miss work or lose sick time that they may need another day when an emergency happens. Without full financial support, children may suffer from home instability...

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