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All Quite On The Western Front Study Guide For Ch1

415 words - 2 pages

This story is set is in the German army during World War I and uses un-familiar terms in view of the fact that it was translated from German to English by A. W. WHEEN.(In light of this, please study the following Vocabulary BEFORE you began reading.) Answer all of the following questions at the end of each chapter.Unfamiliar Vocabulary English or familiar meaning Perambulator Baby carriage Apoplexy Sudden loss of bodily function because a blood vessel bursts or is clogged Parapet Protective wall or elevation Pince-nez ...view middle of the document...

2) Why do they say they don't deserve it? They said, "We have only a miscalculation to thank for it." 3) Of all the men stated, Which is the thinnest, and how is he described? Tjaden ""¦puts it all is a mystery, for he is and always will be as thin as a rake." or "a skinny locksmith" 4) Heinrich, the cook, was upset for cooking too much food, how was he in-lighted to the fact? He was waiting to sever the entire 2nd Company, when someone said "They're either in the dressing-station or pushing up daisies." 5) How did they describe the restroom situation? Look for any of the following: (Enforced publicity"¦restored complete innocence) (Regimental gossip-shops and common-rooms) or (very open or public) 6) Müller Brought boots to Kemmerich; what did the orderlies tell them that made him wish he hadn't? He had lost his foot. The leg was amputated.Chapter 1: Summary Write Four Sentences on why they called them ""¦ Iron Youth." Your discretion but, must have something to do with dying youth and not knowing it.

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