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Allan Grey

Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire and Kazan’s film adaptation shared not only the same characters, but also the same themes, reactions and other literary techniques Williams had created throughout his play. However, for Elia Kazan to have produced the film, some scenes were eliminated or changed to fit what was known as the Hay’s Code. One of the scenes that was not so much vital to the play, was when Blanche DuBois explains to Mitch about her ex-husband.
Allan Grey, Blanche’s ex husband, was found in bed with another man and by no other than his wife, Blanche herself. In the play both Blanche and Allan pretended that nothing happened after that night. Allan ...view middle of the document...

This was done to show Blanche reliving an important dark moment, a depressing time in her life. Then again, throughout the film, Blanche is never really shown in direct spotlight anyway, both film and play. So this would not be so surprising as Blanche hides almost everything about herself. While talking to Mitch, she instead says, “At night I pretended to sleep, and I heard him crying,” whereas in the play she talks about the discovery of Allan’s homosexuality. But for those of age or rather those who could understand and knew about sexuality in depth, they could pin point what Blanche meant by “lost all respect for him”.
Allan’s homosexuality was one of the demands that had to be met. Homosexuality was most likely a taboo subject that people would not bring up, but producers had to find out what was okay and what was not okay to put in films. There was no official censorship to undergo of any movie being released at the time of Kazan’s film adaptation. However, the producers had volunteered for investigation by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and CLD (Catholic Legion of Decency). CLD however strictly forbid...

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