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Allowing Abortion As An Option To Would Be Parents

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Awakening an issue that has lay dormant in recent years, the Senate passed a bill banning late-term abortion back in 2003. Every human being on this earth has or had a mother who struggled her way through pregnancy and childbirth. For every life that was granted, options were explored and decisions were made. One of those options could have been abortion. Abortion is an important personal issue that is quickly losing its legal standing in our society. The Bush administration has made it clear that it opposes legal abortion and disproves of increased sexual education, and the House needs only to vote on the bill banning late-birth abortion before it becomes a law. Abortion’s future in ...view middle of the document...

Whether religion, morality, education, or upbringing guides this belief, it remains an entirely personal manner. Supporting abortion is not necessarily supporting the belief that an unborn child is not yet a human. Supporting abortion as a legal act merely supports giving parents the option to end a pregnancy, if they are willing to do so morally. Following the reasoning that abortion is a manner of individual morality, a ban on abortion by the government extends the government’s power beyond what it was intended to have. It is not for the government to decide whether this choice is moral or not. Abortion is so morally ambiguous that the government cannot decide whether it ruthlessly kills an unborn child or humanely ends a pregnancy. There simply is no concrete argument either way. The government cannot make legislature based on personal morality.
While abortion is not a choice that a mother should make lightly, it must remain a viable option for a mother to consider. Although the beliefs of anti-abortionists preclude those of pro-abortionists, in situations like this, the government should take the liberal stance and step back. By outlawing abortion, the government would effectively be making a moral decision for the entire nation. The battle over abortion should not be whether it acceptable legally, instead it should be whether it acceptable morally, and this is beyond the sphere of the government’s power. By disallowing abortion legally, the government removes a choice that the mother must be able to make by virtue of being in control of her own body. Part of this control is choosing when she wishes to have a child.
Abortion gives a mother the choice to start a family not only when she is ready physically, but also when she is ready socially and mentally. Poor parenting and absentee parents are among the leading causes of delinquency in children. Countless statistics have proven that there is a direct correlation between poor parenting and future criminal behavior. Similar statistics show that children who are born due to unwanted pregnancies are treated more poorly than those who are born to planned pregnancy. There is enough statistical evidence to correlate the two statements and state that unplanned pregnancies lead to an increased number of delinquent children. Young, un-prepared parents have to deal with balancing new lives and new children, and they often fail to live up to their children’s expectations, letting them fall to the side as they focus on other aspects of their lives. Having a child is a life-changing experience that requires dedication and effort from both parents, and many men and women simply are not ready for it when they are young and still living their own lives. It is far better for a woman to have a child when she chooses to raise a family than for a woman to have a child when she accidentally gets pregnant.
One common misconception about abortion is that it is a dangerous...

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