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Alpha Sapphire And Omega Ruby Essay

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As I played Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, my memories of certain trainers’ one-liners and their Pokémon teams came rushing back from my time with the original Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby in 2002. Experiencing this classic role-playing game again in beautified 3D was truly a nostalgic trip, from the cute friendship-themed plot to the touching end-credits sequence. However, as a remake, it does represent a big missed opportunity to fix several significant balance issues and mechanical problems — the difficulty I had going back after playing the much more modern Pokémon X shows how far Pokémon games have come in 12 years.

For the uninitiated, Ruby and Sapphire were the third ...view middle of the document...

I walked into Mauville City for the first time while playing Alpha and didn’t even recognize it. In the original games it was comparatively small and boasted only the bike shop and the Game Corner, but now it’s like a smaller Lumiose City from X and Y: full of little shops and tons of NPCs to chat with. I actually got lost in Mauville City more than once, and had a lot of fun rediscovering something I thought I knew well.

Mega Audino Screens
Alpha and Omega also bear some resemblance to X and Y in that certain app-like features — Pokémon Amie, Super Training, the Player Search System — have all been integrated as part of the PokéNav Plus. The interface is overcrowded as a result and really cumbersome, but the online apps are welcome additions (especially Wonder Trade) It’s the new Pokémon search app, the DexNav, that is perhaps the most interesting addition for Poképhiles. Every so often, a wild Pokémon will peek its ears or tail out of the tall grass (or sand or water), and DexNav will alert you to things like the Pokémon’s level, ability, and even rare moves it might have. I found two Poochyena this way: a female with Ice Fang and a male with Poison Fang, two “egg moves” that you can usually only get by carefully breeding. Easy-access breeding material! The app has the potential to help EV trainers as well, since you can see what Pokémon you’ll face before you battle it, and in that regard it provides another alternative to Super Training aside from traditional, less-accessible methods.

There’s also an updated Berry map, first introduced in Gen IV, which is a serious help to anyone who needs Berries for competitive battle... or even Pokéblocks! Remember Pokéblocks? They help your Pokémon up their beauty or cuteness or what have you for Contests, which are of course a part of Alpha and Omega. These Pokémon talent shows have a Japanese pop-idol feel this time, which makes it all seem more modern and updated. Playing as the female trainer, I was literally and figuratively taken under the wing of number-one Contest star Lisia and her Altaria, Ali. Lisia is absolutely adorable, but the best part of Contests for me is undoubtedly the Cosplay Pikachu you receive after winning your first one. Change Pikachu’s outfit according to the five Contest attributes and Pikachu gets a different move! I might just be a super nerd, but it’s the best thing since Surfing Pikachu.

Legion of Legendary Pokemon and Delta Episode
Really, all the tweaks of original Hoenn features are improvements. Unfortunately, there are still a few big flaws that weren’t addressed, and they’re even more noticeable in light of more recent Pokémon RPGs. My least favorite part of every Pokémon game is the unnecessary inclusion of too many hidden moves, commonly referred to as HMs (Hidden Machines), which you must teach to your Pokémon in order to progress...

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